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Narnia Comes To Chelsea

It’s looking like it’ll be a real Turkish delight over at Bluebird Chelsea this winter as they announce their theme for the festive season. Welcome to Narnia. Step through a wardrobe in the Bluebird Restaurant and you’ll be transported to another world as the King’s Road...

Seasonal & Celebrations

The 17 Halloween Food and Drink Spots Creepin’ It Real

If you’ve seen our Halloween party guide, you’ll know there a jeepers and creepers amounts of cloak-donning and fang-wielding venues across London ready to get you ghouling. However, if for you Halloween is more about enjoying cocktails made from fake blood, eating desserts that look...

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Igloos, Fondues & Skiing: 3 Reasons To Love This Fulham Pop-Up

Fulham’s beach, Neverland, is undergoing a transformation as it says goodbye to the long, hot and no doubt very profitable summer and hello to a ski club inspired by the slopes of Alps in the 80s and 90s. And yes, they will have igloos, so if you missed out on booking your spot at Coppa Club you...

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The Indian Restaurant Vegans Should Know About

What: An Indian restaurant serving vegetarian food isn’t particularly ground-breaking but one with its own vegan menu is a small but important leap that caught my attention enough to get me down there. First Impression: A short walk from the main high street, the restaurant was much smaller than...

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Where You Wannabe: Eat And Drink Where Pop History Was Made

London is the music capital of the world (back-off Nashville), with pop history round every corner. You walk through Soho and you’re in the cover of Oasis’ (What’s The Story) Morning Glory, you’re mooching in Mayfair and you’re walking past the house that both composer...

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The Handbook Meets

The Handbook Meets Steph Burrows, Founder of POPfit, Celeb’s Favourite Dance Workout

We’re always on a mission to find fun ways to work out, we’re not about that treadmill life and we can’t get enough of POPfit, the dance-inspired fitness class created by Stephanie Burrows. Having trained as a professional dancer at the Royal Ballet School, Steph has also trained in the...


The Best BOO-zy Halloween Parties

Why did the ghost leave the Halloween party early? He couldn’t handle his boo’s… Right now we’ve got that one out of the way, here’s a round of some of the best Halloween parties London has to offer, for those whose trick or treating days are a bittersweet memory of...

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Experiences & Pop-Ups

Snog, Marry, Avoid: Dating Events In London

After being in back-to-back relationships throughout my twenties, I recently celebrated a full year of singledom. My year included surviving the modern-day shark tank that is dating in London, plus getting to grips with dating apps (not even a thing the last time I was single), learning how to...

Restaurants, Pubs & Food

19 Secret Underground Venues

London’s underground is not just home to the tube, oh no; get below street level and you’ll find a whole warren of hidden venues. Yes the sky rises might be imposing and impressive, but do they have the charm of a hidden vaulted cellar, the mystery of a bar with no sign and the history...

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Things to do With Kids

Where Are You Heading This Half Term?

From the 20th October until the 28th, little rascals are going to be running all about the place on a sugary and artificial coloured hype! So, to take the pressure off the parents we’ve thought of some fun things to indulge in across the city, to tire out those energetic little beings (if...

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