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Why Everyone’s Going Mad For This Netflix Show About Tidying Up

Forget Netflix-and-chill, the latest trend is Netflix-and-rearrange-your-garage. There’s something strange going on in ‘cupboards of doom’ and ‘man drawers’ across the nation, and it’s all thanks to Marie Kondo. The Japanese writer and possibly the world’s...

Celeb News

How to Contact Celebrities and Influencers so you get a response

People always ask me “What does it take to get a celebrity or influencer raving about my product or business?”. My answer is that it takes a lot of determination, perseverance, a plan of action, making use of The Handbook’s celebrity and influencer resource. I constantly have to remind my members and subscribers that celebrity association should not be an option. It should be part of every company’s marketing plan. In today’s world celebrities and influencers dominate social media, news headlines, TV channels and people’s conversations, with trities gracing the cover of every magazine, and getting a stronger online presence […]

Celebrities & Influencers

My London: Minnow’s Top 5 Neighbourhood Restaurants

London is of course a collection of neighbourhoods, villages and communities which have all merged together to create this great city and within these different pockets are brilliant neighbourhood restaurants. One of which is Minnow in Clapham, founded by Chris Frichot and Saba Tsegaye. Sharing the love, Chris has recommended his top 5 neighbourhood restaurants across London.  

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Why Being Single Is The New Sexy And How To Own It

It has been declared that 2019 is the year for all the single ladies. Lelo, guru on all things sexy, has predicted that this year, more than ever, women will be choosing to stay single. Being footloose and fancy free has its blatant perks. Here we take you on a (wolf) whistle stop tour of who’s...

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Restaurants, Pubs & Food

UPDATED! Burns Baby Burns! Burns’ Night Restos That Are Offally Good

‘Fair fa’ your honest, sonsie face, Great Chieftain o’ the Puddin-race!’, yes Wordsworth and Shakespeare might not have days named after them, but Scotland’s greatest wordsmith does and it’s coming up. Like a sort of Scottish version of Chinese New Year, Burns’...

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Chock It Out! London’s First Chocktail Bar Is Coming!

Chocktails, anybody? I mean, as IF you needed to ask. Fill her up. London is getting its first chocolate cocktail bar and we’re basically already pitching our tent and sleeping bag outside like it’s an iPhone launch so that we can be first through the door when it opens. The concept, from Holly Brooks and Rachel Wisson has already taken Brighton by storm, and now it’s en-route to London with every cocktail being chocolate based. Quite how we managed to go this long without a cocktail bar dedicated to chocolate is a mystery (I just read that back and it sounds […]


Piece Of Cake: 10 Reasons It’s All About Madeira

When I told a friend that I was off to Madeira, she laughed “you’ll just be hanging out with people like my grandparents!”. Well, it turns out it’s the grannies who are having the last laugh; clearly when you retire, you’re given your bus pass, pension and a secret guide to some of...

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Health & Wellness

10 Of London’s Healthiest Restaurants

Eating healthily has always been of huge importance, and yet there seems to be a turn in the times that’s seeing people actually abiding by this knowledge, swapping potato smilers and baked beans for avo and quinoa bowls with dustings of pine nuts. And here at The Handbook we’re all aboard the...

Best Brunches

6 New Brunches That’ll Shatter Your Resolutions

You’ve carefully measured out lentils all week, your mouth hasn’t seen a single percentage point of alcohol since the clock struck midnight over a week ago. And what now? A bottomless brunch, that’s what’s now. You KNOW it makes sense. Picture it, you’re tucking into...

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The 2019 Films We’re Stoked About

With the cold finally setting in (I’m typing this in fingerless gloves, y’all), there’s one place where you’re guaranteed to stay warm for at least an hour and a half, where you can buy a two gallon bucket of Diet Coke, pick’n’mix and some of the most expensive...

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