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Forget Brexit, This Was The Real Referendum

Referendum might be a dirty word, but its not stopped the launch of the second-most talked about plebiscite in Westminster. While Theresa May was explaining her backstop plan to EU leaders last night, all eyes in parliament were on a far more important matter: the Kennington Tandoori’s new...

Experiences & Pop-Ups

Want To See Harry Potter’s Massive Wand?

Say ‘Lumos’ near St Pauls tonight and you’ll be treated to a little bit of magic. That bit between the Millennium Bridge and St Pauls is playing host to an installation of lampposts like no other: Harry Potter’s wands. The event will see nine fifteen foot tall wands lighting...

Experiences & Pop-Ups

The Lego Bar Is Now Taking Bookings!

Remember how we reported that there’s a Lego bar coming to town? Well good to their word, it looks like this is actually happening as they’re now taking bookings for the three-night-only Shoreditch pop-up! The concept was pretty simple, it’s a bar but everything is made out of...

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Restaurants, Pubs & Food

The Vegan Restaurant That’s Selling Us Cannabis

I was gonna write this article, but then I got high. You know the rest. Yes, by CHLOE has a new cannabis-infused menu, and it’s giving us the munchies. The vegan restaurant may be no stranger to the power of plants, being an all-vegan import straight from New York. But this is something a...

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Experiences & Pop-Ups

Real Life Mario Kart Arrives In London

Who’s your motor racing hero? Lewis Hamilton? James Hunt? Senna? Well if your answer, like mine, is Mario, Luigi or Donkey Kong then you’ve come to the right place! Nintendo’s incredibly popular video game franchise has been brought to life and is coming to London. Fending off a...

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Chocs Away: Where To Celebrate Chocolate Week

Get deep in the brown stuff this Chocolate Week! To celebrate this wheel-and-sliced-bread-topping invention we’re spending the week gorging ourselves to the nth degree, complete with the expected chocolate hangover and cascading brown projectile vom. Happy chocolate week…...

Bars, Clubs & Drinks

18 of the Best Places to Host Your Birthday

Ah, your birthday. The one day a year that it’s all about you. It should be a stress-free occasion but when there are hundreds, if not thousands, of venues to choose from where do you start? From brunch to afternoon tea, cocktails to live music, here is your new go-to guide for birthday...

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Seasonal & Celebrations

The Lucky Voice Hangover Club Is Here To Save You This Christmas

Feeling a little worse for wear after your Christmas party? Is the thought of another night out making you feel a little weepy? Fear not, because Lucky Voice has come up with a genius idea, the Christmas Party Hangover Club, which is essentially a night in, but out. Rather than stay in, going over...

Restaurants, Pubs & Food

Gone in 60 Minutes: The Rise of the Express Lunch

Lunch at work: the time of day when you make a desperate dash to your local store and pick up food you don’t really want to eat, or you spend an extortionate amount on a takeaway only to feel like you need 400 trips to the gym to work it off. All we really want is to snack on something...

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What to do This Weekend

From Hip Hop Karaoke To Fanny’s Kebabs, How To While Away The Weekend: 12th – 14th October

Look guys, it happened again… IT’S THE WEEKEND!! Well, very nearly. It may only be Thursday (spare a thought for me, I’m writing this only on ‘hump day’ Wednesday), but we’re already at Friday 6pm in our minds. So here’s all the stuff we can get up to!...

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