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Vegans Get The Michelin Star Treatment

What: Getting into the spirit of World Vegan Month in November is Michelin-awarded Chef Shaun Rankin at Ormer Mayfair; now while a chef famed for his seafood restaurant might not be the obvious person to create a vegan menu his plant-based offering is certainly one to take note of. New? Looking at...

What to do This Weekend

Oktoberfest In London: The Best And The Wurst

Surprisingly for a country that seems to be constantly panicking about cultural intrusions from abroad, we’re all over Oktoberfest. The German import sees us dress up in bizarre Bavarian dress (wipe-clean leather overalls for men and booby serving wench dresses for women) and drink copious...

Bars, Clubs & Drinks

Dandelyan Crowned World’s Best Bar… Then Closes Down

London may have the world’s best bar, but catch it while you can because it’s shutting down! Dandelyan, the acclaimed cocktail bar on the ground floor of Southbank’s Mondrian Hotel, has been awarded the accolade of World’s Best Bar just two days after announcing that it would be...

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Best Brunches

Doing Porridge: Oats So Many Spots For A Decent Bowl

Tomorrow is World Porridge Day! The dish is the quintessential breakfast, the only Scottish national dish that doesn’t involve offal or deep frying and it’s the perfect dish to start off your day. Yes, you can boil a kettle and douse your oats in the office, but why not  head out and...

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The Rooftop Restaurant with Wow-Worthy Views

What: Instagram is littered with glamorous guys ‘n gals posing outside of St Pauls Cathedral. Often, they’re poised in front of the landmark, hair sweeping into the wind as they candidly look across London. However, despite St Pauls being a location of popularity, often the ever so glam...

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Openings & Launches

Sh*t Just Got Rialto: Venice Icon Harry’s Arrives In London

Venice, one of the most romantic cities on the globe, inspiration for Canaletto, Hemingway and the James Bond people, with nearly as many canals as Birmingham and a history that’s rich with intrigue, power and greed. But has it got an M&M World? Well Venetian sophistication is coming to the...

Bars, Clubs & Drinks

Mindful Drinking: Where To Go If You’re Sober For October

Whether you’re sober for October, convinced you’re at risk of turning full on 12-step alcoholic or you just don’t like the taste of alcohol, it turns out that there really are options that don’t involve getting pissed. No, genuinely. So here are some spots to try if...

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What to do This Weekend

What’s Going On This Weekend? Friday 5th – Sunday 7th October

Here we go again, another weekend. Isn’t this a bizarre time of year? Treading water toward between summer and winter. And if the weather doesn’t know what to do with itself, at least you can. Here’s our suggestions of what to do this weekend.

Restaurants, Pubs & Food

Celebrate World Animal Day… By Eating Them Here

It’s World Animal Day today, so we’ve decided to take the initiative and round-up some of our favourite places to eat them. Whether you’re jumping to eat some rabbit, or if you’re after a chicken that isn’t foul, we’ve got all of the udderly best animal-feasting...

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Experiences & Pop-Ups

The Night I Went Dogging

Borrow a dog they said, it’ll be fun they said… OK, in all fairness I don’t want to lace this story with too much cynicism, but If you’d had my Borrow My Doggy experience, maybe you’d become somewhat of a sceptic too. For those lesser informed, Borrow My Doggy is an...

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