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What to do This Weekend

Weekend wishlist: 21st – 23rd September

Happy weekend Handbookers! Yes, it’s only been a few short days (and getting shorter, have you noticed?), but the weekend is back upon us and with it no shortage of things to be getting up to. Here’s how you can indulge…...


The Most Savage Review You’ll Read This Month

What: If you were expecting a review where I brutally shred a bar to pieces, then I’m afraid you have been deceived by my enticing title. This is the most savage review you’ll read this month because it is about Savage Garden, Tower Hill’s latest roof top venue, sorry to disappoint if you...

Business & Careers

The No 1 London Careers Site Everyone Is Talking About

You know what is more depressing than getting zero matches on Bumble on a sad Sunday night? Endlessly scrolling through graduate job websites, when you’re student only to be told there is nothing out there, unless, of course you want to work in a dead-end job in the backend of nowhere sealing...

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Save Yourself Holiday Hassle and Pack the Perfect Suitcase

Without doubt, one of the (many) highlights of our job is the ability to jet off to lands far-and-wide in order to experience the culture, do the occasional bit of wining and dining, and take enough Instas to keep our accounts ticking over for about a year. Whether we’re off to sun ourselves...

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Things to do Outdoors

The Monster That’ll Make You Jump: The Inflatable Obstacle Course Coming To London

There are 5ks and then there is Gung-Ho! The inflatable 5k fun run which is actually fun, seriously fun as they say. Yep that’s right inflatable. This is no walk (or slow jog) in the park, this is the chance for you to throw yourself down the biggest inflatable water slide in Europe; to work your...

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Restaurants, Pubs & Food

New Vegan Venues That Can’t Be Beet

We now know that being a vegan doesn’t mean that you have to resign yourself to a life of kale and lettuce. Vegan street food, fast food and bakeries are now even more popular than before. I couldn’t even tell the vegan corndog I had the other day was plant based (although I don’t...

Celebrities & Influencers

Famous And Fit: Celeb Health Hacks

So Mark Wahlberg’s got a stupid health regime. To the delighted whoops of tabloid journalists who swiftly crucified him, Wahlberg revealed that his day starts at 2:30 AM (note, I didn’t go to bed until this time last night) and is basically wave after wave of fitness, a relentless...

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Restaurants, Pubs & Food

The UK’s First Chef-Less Restaurant

It’s pretty annoying when you order something at a restaurant and it doesn’t look anything like you imagined. You’re left with a sour taste in your mouth, (quite literally), and vow to never set foot in another restaurant ever again. OK, so that’s the over-exaggeration of...

Restaurants, Pubs & Food

Find Out Which Restaurants Are Trending This Fashion Week

Fashion! Turn to the right! Oooh, fashion! As David Bowie put it. Helpfully adding ‘We are the goon squad and we’re coming to town, beep-beep’. So if you’re part of the goon squad heading to the capital’s runways and private views then you’ll no doubt need...

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The 8 Books Everyone’s Talking About Right Now

The winter’s starting to set in, so what could be better than grabbing a good book and snuggling in an armchair by the fire? You choose the fire, meanwhile I’ve chosen a book, or eight. So settle in and if you’re sitting comfortably we’ll begin.

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