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What to do This Weekend

Meet The Dogs Doing Better On Instagram Than You Are

You know you’re getting it wrong when there are animals who are better at doing things than you are. There’s a dog on Youtube who’s basically Grade 7 piano. Skateboarding? Not my strong suit, but here’s a dog smashing it. Surely when it comes to social media, though, your Facey-B skills are going to outskill a canine? Bad luck, the lack of opposable thumbs and predilection for bum sniffing hasn’t stopped thousands-upon-thousands of dogs, yes actual dogs, being way better at being on Instagram than you will ever will be. And they’re meeting up next Saturday. Dogs of Instagram is […]

Seasonal & Celebrations

6 of the Best Festive Cinema Pop-Ups

Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without Elf, Love Actually and The Holiday. It’s a fact. And whilst it’s all too tempting to hibernate in your home, wrapped up in a duvet and eat mince pies whilst you watch Christmas film reruns, what you should actually be doing is meeting up with your nearest and dearest and heading to one of these winter cinemas. Sip Champagne, (or eat spaghetti with maple syrup and sprinkles if you’re Elf), have your own private screen or get lost in an enchanted forest… alright, where do we sign?


Have A Slice Of This: The 12 Sweetest Spots In London

Sweets and cakes are a staple favourite of everyone’s ‘treat’ diet, as they remind us of our childhood, a much simpler time when ugly words like ‘taxes’ and ‘wrinkles’ didn’t exist. So it’s no surprise that sweets excite adults, just as much as they do a sugar-craving five year old. Plus, let it be known that we would happily push said five year old out of the way if they were about to get their hands on the last fizzy cola bottle (don’t judge, you know you would do the same). And cakes? Well, alongside their appeal heightening as a result of Paul Hollywood handshakes […]

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Rooftops and Terraces

The Winter Terraces We’re Obsessed With Right Now

When’s a terrace not a terrace? When it’s a rooftop? When it’s more bloody igloos (will we ever escape the igloos?). Well here’s a list of winter terraces. With some rooftops and igloos stirred in just to keep you as confused as we are.

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Restaurants, Pubs & Food

The 17 Hottest New Restaurant Openings

As always, an abundance of restos have opened up this month, proving October isn’t all about Halloween but also about idyllic food spots of all shapes and sizes. From a buzzing Italian in Redchurch Townhouse which charms families for candlelit gatherings, to The Wright Brother’s with their seafood offerings, oh…a nd finally we welcome a Mrs. Fogg’s (better late than never, eh?!). Whatever your food fancy, there’s something for everyone!

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Fashion & Beauty

Win Tickets To The Unmissable ELLE Magazine Weekend

As we ricochet onto the Christmas run-up, what better time for an ELLE Weekender? The coveted place-to-be-seen event that will have you added to an already extensive Christmas wish list, and with The Handbook you can win yourself some tickets! The weekend, which falls on the 30th of November until the 2nd of December, will see guests joining ELLE magazine and get subsequently wow-ed by various big celebs as they share their stories. The event focuses primarily on fashion, culture and beauty, brought to life through a series of inspiring, immersive and interactive events. The stellar line-up will have your […]

Seasonal & Celebrations

Egg-Nog Yourself Out At 13 of London’s Best Winter Markets

It’s that time of year where we put on scarves and bobble hats and head to the nearest Christmas market to browse Christmassy trinkets, sip hot chocolate and down mulled wine (and pretty much anything with cinnamon in it). From Greenwich to Hyde Park, The Handbook has selected a smattering of the best London Christmas markets where you can get your jolly-on, and keep your eyes peeled for Saint Nick.   Christmas By the River What: Christmas Markets and Iconic Views Back for its fifth year, Christmas by the River will host stalls and workshops galore against a backdrop of […]

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Rooftops and Terraces

10 Winter Rooftops You Need to Know About

If you’re going to ‘ding dong merrily’ from the rooftops this Christmas, then better make sure you’re on the right rooftop. We’re obsessed with roofy fun, which is handy when it comes to putting together rooftop lists. And so here’s an advance glance at the rooftops coming to town.

Restaurants, Pubs & Food

8 of the Best Pasta Restos

Today is the day we celebrate one of the things we love the most: pasta. It’s the savoury staple food of Italian cuisine that we come home to after a Daniel Powter “bad day”, and the food we huddle around tables for with groups of friends over candle light, red wine and DOLMIO! With the first reference dating to 1154 in Sicily, it’s without a doubt pasta is part of our lives in a big way (whether you love it or you hate it!). So, from spaghetti to tagliatelle here are some of the best places to enjoy the much-adored […]

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Naughty Or Nice: The 8 Greatest Christmas Grottos

Ho, ho, ho! Whether you have children or are just on babysitting duty, win some serious brownie points and keep the little ones entertained with a trip to see Father Christmas. Here are just some of the places you can catch the big guy and keep the magic and their belief in him alive – after all...

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