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The 8 Books Everyone’s Talking About Right Now

The winter’s starting to set in, so what could be better than grabbing a good book and snuggling in an armchair by the fire? You choose the fire, meanwhile I’ve chosen a book, or eight. So settle in and if you’re sitting comfortably we’ll begin.

What to do This Weekend

Weekend Madness: Things To Do This Weekend – 14th – 16th September

It’s the freakin’ weekend, and we can’t wait to give our keyboard wandering fingers a rest and embrace September in all of it’s “is it too hot for a coat?” Septemberness. This weekend we’ve got a right old jumble to present you with; ever wanted to tick a...


The World’s Creepiest Exhibition Comes To London

Is it Groundhog Day? It seems like just yesterday that, back in 2008, Dr Gunther von Hagens brought his controversial Body Worlds travelling display to this country. The exhibition, which showcases the preserved dissected bodies of hundreds of donors, now has a permanent home here. The flayed...

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Would You Dare To Bare All On These Nudist Beaches?

Let’s face it, Brits aren’t exactly forward about baring all. Even when it comes to the beach we like to keep as many clothes on as possible. Our Victorian sensiblities aren’t shared across much of the globe, where nakedness is regarded as somewhat more natural. So would you dare...

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The Rise Of The Mumshine Break

One for the mums: are you feeling harassed, exhausted and run down? Is picking up, wiping up and cooking up driving you crazy? You know what you need? A ‘mumshine’ break. A new word hitting out dictionaries soon. Maybe. Apparently this really is a thing, and increasingly Britain’s...

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Celebrities & Influencers

How To Contact Influencers And Get A Positive Response

People always ask me “What does it take to get an influencer raving about my product or business?” My answer is that it takes a lot of determination, perseverance, a plan of action and making use of The Handbook’s celebrity and influencer resource. I constantly have to remind my members and...


Love it or Hate it? The 6am Airport Dash

The pre-dawn airport rush, a right of passage for any holiday-maker, a rude awakening ensuring you can be on the beach by lunchtime. There are two schools of thought here, and it divides The Handbook’s office. The great debate is on… Early-bird Lottie: It hits 11pm, you’re laying in...

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Bars, Clubs & Drinks

Mezcal Week Is Here! Where To Go And What To Drink…

Mezcal, it might not have the same profile as Tequila, but boy should it have! The Mexican drink, a smokier version of its more glamorous sister, is also agave based and it’s nevertheless taking London by storm. So much so that they’ve now dedicated an entire week to the drink. So grab...

The Handbook Meets

Owner Of The Smart-Set’s Favourite Bar Spills His Secrets

In Sloane Square, the epicentre of ‘smart’ London, lives a club that’s a little bit special. While the entrance is set in cosmopolitan West London, head downstairs and you’ve arrived at Day of the Dead themed Mexican jungle hideaway Tonteria. A firm favourite of Prince...

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Restaurants, Pubs & Food

Get Involved With The Charity Auction Battling Hunger

When were you last hungry? Like, actually hungry? If you work in the restaurant industry the answer is quite possibly never. And even for most Londoners, where food is cheap and readily available, most of us are likely over-weight and incredibly well fed. Auction Against Hunger, then, probably...

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