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Health & Wellness

The 7 vegan Instagram accounts we’re loving

Veganism: It’s the veganning of something new and a fringe movement that has very quickly turned mainstream, and it seems Instagram is a great resource for vegans, rapidly being used as a platform to share alternative plant-based recipes, tips and videos of how to re-create colourful and...

Best Brunches

London’s first ever brunch festival

Brunch has blown up as of late, holding hands with rushes like the gin craze and all things unicorn. Therefore, there’s little surprise that London is getting its first ever brunch festival, running from the 1st-2nd of September. At the end of the day, we love to brunch. Some may prefer the (br)...


The afternoon tea putting our sweet tooth to the test

What: Whilst the Mayfair hotel isn’t the best foodie destination, they certainly put on a spread that was extravagant. The super fun experience boasted the perfect afternoon tea experience for those with a sweet tooth and/or love a glass of champers on a weekend (so, everyone?!). The...

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Why this Michelin starred Indian restaurant probably beats your local

What? J-K-S: Three letters that may not mean much to you, JKS Restaurants is the sibling-run group behind Gymkhana, Hoppers, and most recently, Brigadiers. Not only that, but Jyotin, Karam and Sunaina also back the likes of Bao, Lyle’s and Sabor so you know you’re in for a good feed at any one...

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Restaurants, Pubs & Food

The burger you do-nut want to miss

There’s a new day of the year every day it seems…yes, this might sound obvious, but I mean days like “national save a ladybird” day or “national toothache day”, yep, it does exist sometime in January… Suffice to say, we’re never not celebrating something or other. National Burger...

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10 Reasons to Visit Manchester this Autumn

Manchester, the North’s answer to London Paris and New York all rolled into one. This vast city can rightly boast being the heart of the industrial revolution, the cradle of successive cultural and music revolutions, a media and fashion hub and, most importantly, the home of Corrie. All of...

Bars, Clubs & Drinks

Forget popcorn! Welcome to Ginema, it’s a cinema… with gin

As summer draws to a close, so too does this sweaty, sticky and “where on earth did this come from?” heatwave we seem to be immersed in. The good news about a heatwave however? We need to stay refreshed with, say, a cool tipple most preferably in the form of a see-through liquid that...

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Experiences & Pop-Ups

There’s Only A French Bulldog Café Coming

Fancy a Frenchie? No, not the word for snogging you used when you were 11 (see also: ‘snogging’) but the adorable dog that looks like someone accidentally opened the fridge door into its face. The French Bulldog is getting its own tea and people are going mad for it. The tea is the...


The 6 Best Apps to Help You Sleep

Let’s face it, we’re Brits so we really can’t afford to complain about the weather, but gosh where would we be without fans in this sticky, tossing and turning heat-wave. Undeniably, sleeping has been up there with rocket-science recently – nearing a stage of pure...

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Openings & Launches

Instagram Heaven Pergola Olympia Opens

Before nightfall starts to hit us circa 3pm, it’s probably best to catch some last-min city views, and Pergola Olympia seem to be thinking the same, with the intro of their brand-new rooftop location, up, up, up and away. If you know The Handbook, you’ll know we love a bit of a rooftop here and...

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