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Things to do Outdoors

Where To Go To Make Your Bonfire Night Go With A Bang!

‘If you can’t be first, be best’, so we’ve decided be first and get in early with a guide for where to book this bonfire night. It may be 21 degrees outside (genuinely! What’s going on?) but in just under a month we’ll all be huddling in the freezing cold, clutching sparklers in our mittens. And here are the best places. Alexandra Palace When: Friday 2nd and Saturday 3rd November What: Ally Pally’s firework display is legendary. Not only is it a huge display, the views across the capital are nearly as stunning as the pyrotechnics. And its not just […]

Experiences & Pop-Ups

Real Life Mario Kart Arrives In London

Who’s your motor racing hero? Lewis Hamilton? James Hunt? Senna? Well if your answer, like mine, is Mario, Luigi or Donkey Kong then you’ve come to the right place! Nintendo’s incredibly popular video game franchise has been brought to life and is coming to London. Fending off a potential patent dispute, it’s officially called Mushroom Rally, and it looks flipping awesome. Participants dress up in costumes incredibly similar (they’re near-identical but officially they’re just ‘similar’, coz lawyers) to Super Mario characters and whizz around on go-karts avoiding tortoise shells, banana skins and what-not as they go to be the champion of […]


Chocs Away: Where To Celebrate Chocolate Week

Get deep in the brown stuff this Chocolate Week! To celebrate this wheel-and-sliced-bread-topping invention we’re spending the week gorging ourselves to the nth degree, complete with the expected chocolate hangover and cascading brown projectile vom. Happy chocolate week… South Place Hotel Moorgate (Great Northern) (0.2 miles) As if South Place Hotel wasn’t already the place for the sweeter things in life, this chocolate week they’re upping the glucose with an indulgent Chocolate Bomb dessert. And like that wasn’t enough, they’ve also launched their own line of handmade chocolate bars. Watch the bomb expode before your eyes as it overflows with […]

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Openings and News

Enrique, Ronaldo and Nadal Walk Into A Bar…

Off the back of Usain Bolt-ing to open up a restaurant, David Beckham and Guy Ritchie buying a pub and Idris Elba squashing 007 rumours by instead opening a bar, it’s safe to say it has been quite the celebs-turn-hospitality led few months. So, why not throw Enrique Iglesias, Cristiano Ronaldo and Rafael Nadal into the mix, eh?! Yes, we scoffed at the random prospect but the news is true. The threesome, whose looks don’t stray far from triplet-dom, are financially backing Zela restaurant in Covent Garden; a restaurant we’re sure people are going to flock to for more than […]

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Five Reasons You Need to Book This Michelin-Starred Brunch

Award-winning Michelin-starred restaurant Galvin at Windows has recently launched a brunch menu and of course being the brunch fans that we are, we needed no excuse to head to the 28th floor of the London Hilton on Park Lane to take on the menu. It’s Their First The Saturday brunch menu launched this September, some twelve years after the restaurant first opened and it may come as a surprise, as brunch is a staple of Londoners’ weekends, but this is Galvin at Windows’ first brunch. Rather than jumping on the band wagon, Head Chef Joo Won and his team took […]

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Seasonal & Celebrations

The Lucky Voice Hangover Club Is Here To Save You This Christmas

Feeling a little worse for wear after your Christmas party? Is the thought of another night out making you feel a little weepy? Fear not, because Lucky Voice has come up with a genius idea, the Christmas Party Hangover Club, which is essentially a night in, but out. Rather than stay in, going over and over how you drunk called your ex about ten times before blocking them in the hope they might not noticed, get your friends together and head to Lucky Voice where you can cosy down under a blanket for an evening of pizza and Christmas films. […]

What to do This Weekend

From Hip Hop Karaoke To Fanny’s Kebabs, How To While Away The Weekend: 12th – 14th October

Look guys, it happened again… IT’S THE WEEKEND!! Well, very nearly. It may only be Thursday (spare a thought for me, I’m writing this only on ‘hump day’ Wednesday), but we’re already at Friday 6pm in our minds. So here’s all the stuff we can get up to! Cadbury Roses Pop-Up Which is your fave Roses chocolate? Emily in the office favours a hazelnut whirl, Lottie’s more of a strawberry fondant girl. Charlotte’s getting mixed up with Quality Streets. A mistake that would go down very badly at this particular pop-up, Cadbury are launching a special Roses flower shop. The FREE […]

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What to do This Weekend

Oktoberfest In London: The Best And The Wurst

Surprisingly for a country that seems to be constantly panicking about cultural intrusions from abroad, we’re all over Oktoberfest. The German import sees us dress up in bizarre Bavarian dress (wipe-clean leather overalls for men and booby serving wench dresses for women) and drink copious amounts of beer, so the attraction is clear. Here’s where to get your Oktoberfest fix in London. Electric Ballroom Camden’s Electric Ballroom will be offering beer, sausages and teutonic tunes for two nights only for 3,000 revellers. The iconic venue will be fully-decked out as an Oktoberfest beerhall with long wooden tables, bunting and steins […]

Bars, Clubs & Drinks

Dandelyan Crowned World’s Best Bar… Then Closes Down

London may have the world’s best bar, but catch it while you can because it’s shutting down! Dandelyan, the acclaimed cocktail bar on the ground floor of Southbank’s Mondrian Hotel, has been awarded the accolade of World’s Best Bar just two days after announcing that it would be closing its doors. The bar, from world famous mixologist Ryan Chetiyawardana a.k.a.’d as Mr Lyan, announced on Instagram that it would be shutting its doors on its fourth birthday, though no specific date has yet been given. Commenting, Chetiyawardana explained “it feels fitting on our 4th birthday to kill off our now-eldest venue… it makes […]

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Health & Wellness

Help Your Head This World Mental Health Day

Today is World Mental Health Day, and as a result we’ve found some hacks to help you improve your mental health, if needed. In April of this year, The House of Commons released statistics revealing an estimated 1 in 6 people experience a ‘common mental disorder’ like depression or anxiety. Worldwide, mental health problems are one of the main causes of the overall disease and major depression is thought to be the second leading cause of disability worldwide and a major contributor to the burden of suicide and ischemic heart disease. It’s a huge problem which is taking hold of so many, consequently World […]

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