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Keep Your Gin Up at Nicholson’s Gin Fest

Here at The Handbook, we’re the first to sniff out the scent of a gin fest, especially one as heavy-loaded as Nicholson’s, featuring 40 gins across 77 historic pubs. Running from 16th July to 2nd September, it’s an excuse to renew your gin membership – that’s right, gin, not gym. A...


More Than Just Hot Pot: Fine Dining In Lancashire

Lancashire, the home of culinary classics like Lancashire hot pot, Eccles cakes and Blackpool Rock. But the county that lives off meat pies and blood pudding may surprise you with some of the best fine dining in the country. Grab a flat cap and fork, we’re going oop’ North…...

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It’s Cray Cray At Aster This Summer

This summer things at Aster are going to be seriously CRAY. Crayfish, that is. The Nordic-cum-French restaurant is going full on Scandi un-noir with a season of Scandinavian classics from the land where the sun never sets (until winter, when it really sets). Already a mainstay of Victoria’s...

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Statues, Silk and Sartoria: 10 Reasons to Visit Florence

Florence, the capital city of the Tuscany region and once the whole of Italy, is known for its art, architecture and silk. Visit the Uffizi Gallery to see work by Leonardo da Vinci, check out the Gucci Garden, head to the cathedral and explore the daily markets. Here are ten reasons to visit...

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What to do This Weekend

The Weekend Cometh, So Here’s How to Spend It: 13th – 15th July

The weekend kicks off with a Friday 13th, so that’s good. Assuming we all survive that, then we’ve two whole days to recover from losing the World Cup ahead of us. Given the temperatures are rumoured to be hitting 29 degrees, that shouldn’t be too difficult. Here’s some...

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The Fantasy Food Festival Coming to Shoreditch

Next week, Just Eat is heading out of our homes and our phones and over to Shoreditch for the third Food Fest and this year the theme is fantasy. Which is great seeing as most of my dreams revolve around food. Taking place from Friday 20th July to Sunday 22nd July at Last Days of Shoreditch the...

Experiences & Pop-Ups

Rooftop Raving at the O2

When we think of the O2 we think of music, that and Simon Cowell repeatedly grimacing at the vocally inept – throwback to Ant & Seb’s Mysterious Girl XFactor audition classic. However, the thought of hanging out on the roof of the city staple never really comes to mind. Until now… Every...

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Openings & Launches

The First Restaurant ‘Supergroup’

‘Oh, who can ever be tired of Bath?’ exclaimed Jane Austen, and that was presumably after she’d spent two hours in an M4 tailback. Well now, Jane, you’ve got even less reason to tire of England’s most beautiful city, chefs Pierre Koffmann and Marco Pierre White have...

The Handbook Meets

The Handbook Meets Judy Joo

Judy Joo had already had a career on Wall Street before she decided to swap to doing something she was really passionate about – cooking. Having received her Grand Diplome in pastry arts she moved to London in 2007 and worked for the likes of Restaurant Gordon Ramsey, The Fat Duck and The Playboy...

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Experiences & Pop-Ups

MasterChef Finalists Host The Jam Shed Supper Club

MasterChef, the pinnacle of amateur cheffing! The intense high-pressure show has contestants and viewers sweating as they battle it out. And now it’s your chance to watch them in action, front of you. Six MasterChef finalists will be showcasing their signature summer menus as The Jam Shed...

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