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Are These The Best Spas In The World?

Lie back and think of not being in England. The spa break is the perfect getaway, a bit of ‘me time’, some pampering and attention. And like anything, you can take it to the nth degree, by doing it in serious style. Sure, you could pop down your local Virgin Active and jump in the sauna, but it’s not the same. Many five star hotels don’t actually have particularly fancy spas, often a couple of expensive treatment rooms and a mangey basement pool. But, by contrast, there are a number of incredible spas to be found around the globe. Spas […]

Restaurants, Pubs & Food

New Vegan Venues That Can’t Be Beet

We now know that being a vegan doesn’t mean that you have to resign yourself to a life of kale and lettuce. Vegan street food, fast food and bakeries are now even more popular than before. I couldn’t even tell the vegan corndog I had the other day was plant based (although I don’t know if that is just because corndogs don’t tend to taste like meat anyway…) but either way it was good, it satisfied my carnivorous side and I didn’t break my Meat Free Monday. Whether you’re like myself and you dabble or you’re fully fledged here are […]

Celebrities & Influencers

Famous And Fit: Celeb Health Hacks

So Mark Wahlberg’s got a stupid health regime. To the delighted whoops of tabloid journalists who swiftly crucified him, Wahlberg revealed that his day starts at 2:30 AM (note, I didn’t go to bed until this time last night) and is basically wave after wave of fitness, a relentless regime more reminiscent of a CIA black site interrogation. Except for heartwarming breaks for prayer and family time, there’s not a lot of time spent gorging on Ben & Jerry’s kicking back and doing all the things I’d do if I was a multi millionaire. But it does highlight just how […]

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Spider Week Is ON! 8 (Humane) Ways To Get Rid Of Spiders

It’s 2am, you’re mid-way through an arachnid-riddled nightmare, when suddenly a slight brush across the cheek makes your sleep encrusted eyes crack open. Your head turns slightly to one side, and there it is. A big black, hairy house spider, who’s decided he’s cotchin’ in your crib tonight… It’s at this point you realise incy-wincy spider from the children’s tales isn’t so incy-wincy after all. And this week we are mid way through annual ‘spider season’, so sleep at your own peril. So-called spider season stretches crawls from around the first week of September to early October and it’s when […]

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The UK’s First Chef-Less Restaurant

It’s pretty annoying when you order something at a restaurant and it doesn’t look anything like you imagined. You’re left with a sour taste in your mouth, (quite literally), and vow to never set foot in another restaurant ever again. OK, so that’s the over-exaggeration of the year (as it saying that’s the over-exaggeration of the year), but what I’m trying to say is dining out is important, it’s often pre-planned and expectations are high. This is why Gousto, the recipe box company, have come up with a novel idea in the form of the UK’s first Chef-less restaurant. The […]

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Find Out Which Restaurants Are Trending This Fashion Week

Fashion! Turn to the right! Oooh, fashion! As David Bowie put it. Helpfully adding ‘We are the goon squad and we’re coming to town, beep-beep’. So if you’re part of the goon squad heading to the capital’s runways and private views then you’ll no doubt need feeding and watering. Which is where we come in. Here are all the places that a budding Anna Wintour should be seen this LFW (London Fashion Week, darling, do keep up)… The Sheraton Grand London Park Lane Green Park (0.4 miles) What: Keep your hats on Why: Remember the Lock & Co Sheraton Grand collab from […]


The 8 Books Everyone’s Talking About Right Now

The winter’s starting to set in, so what could be better than grabbing a good book and snuggling in an armchair by the fire? You choose the fire, meanwhile I’ve chosen a book, or eight. So settle in and if you’re sitting comfortably we’ll begin. This is going to hurt – Adam Kay Why: Adam Kay’s multi award-winning, chart-topping, debate-sparking debut This Is Going to Hurt has been flying off bookshelves. Kay’s diary of life as a junior doctor, is lauded as a blisteringly funny yet heart-breaking call to arms for all who value the NHS. His raw account of […]

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The World’s Creepiest Exhibition Comes To London

Is it Groundhog Day? It seems like just yesterday that, back in 2008, Dr Gunther von Hagens brought his controversial Body Worlds travelling display to this country. The exhibition, which showcases the preserved dissected bodies of hundreds of donors, now has a permanent home here. The flayed corpses will find their final home at Piccadilly Circus in what was the vastly overpriced Ripley’s Believe It Or Not, so on that count at least it’s an improvement. But there will no doubt remain a cloud of doubt over whether this is an educational and worthy endeavour, or the worst type of voyeurism […]


The 8 Instagrammers Giving Us Serious Interior Envy

Hands up if you get serious interior envy from a brief scroll on insta? Yup. Us too. Interior instagram accounts are rife nowadays, causing us to quit buying shabby bits ‘n bobs as the result of impulse Primark musings, and instead invest in some stand-out pieces that will make the neighbours jealous (that’s not the only reason we want nice houses we promise…) So, from shabby chic to stripped back, or if a room resembling the jungle Mowgli and Baloo frequented floats your boat, then here are seven insta accounts that have us dusting off the cobwebs and shining up […]

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Best Brunches

Could We BE Any More Excited About This Friends Brunch?

If you’ve never watched Friends please, refrain from reading this. You do not deserve to cast your eyes over such divinity having not watched, possibly, the best show ever made. WHOOOPAH! The 90s Brunch is here, from central Perk to central London with a Friends themed brunch, as Janice would say here: Oh…my…God! The event comes as the result of Hip Hop Brunch LDN’s fabulous themes, and will (as is the norm) take place in a secret location. You can sit soft, with Central Perk-style mugs, whilst gossiping about the latest with your pals, hopefully without a Phoebe in the […]

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