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Experiences & Pop-Ups

Tacos At The Tate (With A Mumford)

The path from international music sensation to taco van driver is well worn, with scores of global megastars making the career move. Oh, actually no, it’s just Marcus Mumford. Gill Meller and Marcus Mumford’s ‘SWSC TACOS’ (South West Social Club Tacos) is rolling up at The Tate...

Experiences & Pop-Ups

Mister Fitz’s: Doughnut Time Launch Ice Cream Pop-Up

They’re known for their outrageous doughnuts, but now Doughnut Time are turning their hand to ice-cream as they launch their own pop-up parlour Mister Fitz’s Finest Ice Cream. Opening today, they’ll be serving up ice cream sandwiches, because why eat your ice cream out of a cone when you can...

Health & Wellness

Five Fun Runs Worthy of Grabbing the Trainers

5pm has tolled on a work-fuelled week-day, you’ve got your trainers in your rucksack, and that planned run is on the horizon, BUT what you’d really like to do is tuck into a good Netflix Series with a snack of choice on the sofa, and drift off to sleep around 9. Well, we’re here...

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Openings & Launches

Alfresco Bottomless Brunch at the New Soane’s Kitchen

A new restaurant and café is opening in the original walled kitchen garden at Pitzhanger Manor, the country retreat of acclaimed British architect Sir John Soane built by him to entertain friends in 1800. Founder of catering company Social Pantry Alex Head is behind the exciting...

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Best Brunches

The New Decadent, Bottomless-Brunch You Need to Try

What: Brunch, everyone Londoner’s favourite time of the week, the meal that can cure a hangover, start a hangover and means you can technically eat twice as much as it’s two meals in one, although, not actually advisable of course. When we heard that Sea Containers had just introduced new...

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Bathrooms Of Instagram

Is your loo Instagram ready? Probably not (the bathroom here at The Handbook is currently being plagued by ‘the phantom sh**tter’, so count us out), but unlike us thankfully the restaurants, bars and hotels of London not only have their loo brush game sorted, but they’ve got a...

Experiences & Pop-Ups

Doga and Brunch at Pomona’s

Doga: dog yoga. Yes, you read that right. Pomona’s restaurant in Notting Hill is hosting a brunch event where guests get to enjoy a morning of dog-inspired yoga side by side with their favourite furry pal and then indulge in an outdoor brunch. Of course, there will also be special dog treats...

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Experiences & Pop-Ups

Romance In The Air: Summer Love Film Festival

As a singleton, I usually look to movies to bring hope for this hopeless romantic. I like feel-good films with the heartbreaks, and many happy endings. My ideal Saturday night actually includes curling up in bed with a good snack and a tub of ice cream ready to watch a good romance movie. But this...

Bars, Clubs & Drinks

Borough Wines and Beers Celebrate Their Birthday With Free Cocktails

When I read fortnight of free cocktails, I stopped everything I was doing and just stared at the sentence for a little bit. Free…cocktails… in what alternate-universe do such things exist? And where can I go to get my on my hands on such an alien concoction? Well, turns out not far away!...

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Restaurants, Pubs & Food

Taco Tuesdays are the Taco of The Town at The Spread Eagle

You may have heard of Taco Tuesdays, a global phenomenon for taco fans everywhere, the love for the crunch and the flavour that has you wanting more. But have you ever tasted vegan tacos? Bend and spread, the Eagle has landed! The Spread Eagle is a vegan pub in Hackney that is starting this summer...

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