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The burger you do-nut want to miss

There’s a new day of the year every day it seems…yes, this might sound obvious, but I mean days like “national save a ladybird” day or “national toothache day”, yep, it does exist sometime in January… Suffice to say, we’re never not celebrating something or other. National Burger Day however? Well that’s head-turner, which is why we’re all super-duper excited for the big ol’event on 23rdof August. Giving all you burger-bandits the chance to scoot to your nearest bun and beef joint to grab one. However, alternatively you could feast your eyes on this: Heliot Steak House are launching their savoury, […]


10 Reasons to Visit Manchester this Autumn

Manchester, the North’s answer to London Paris and New York all rolled into one. This vast city can rightly boast being the heart of the industrial revolution, the cradle of successive cultural and music revolutions, a media and fashion hub and, most importantly, the home of Corrie. All of which is why you have to get yourself there to check it out for yourself. A Host Of Hotels First things first, let’s get you to Manchester and put a roof above your head. The reason it’s such a great time to book your trip to the city is because IHG […]

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Live For The Weekend: Things To Do 17th-19th August

As I write it’s just started to rain, which bodes not too well for the weekend. But let’s not focus on that and instead cast our minds forward a day or two to the weekend (forecast as ‘sunny intervals and a gentle breeze’) when we can be indulging in jazz, cider or a margarita masterclass. Strongbow Dark Fruit What: Your Mum’ll Be Thrilled Why: If you drink enough Strongbow then this is exactly the sort of thing you might think is a good idea: a free tattoo. Of Strongbow. Make a lifetime decision you 100% won’t regret this weekend by […]

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8 Things to Pack for a Festival

Bum bags, welly boots and brollies. UK festival weather is on par with dating apps: you never quite know what you’re going to get, but you take the risk anyway. And whilst we might be slightly late to the party given it’s now mid-August, we know all too well that you bunch of party animals will drag out fezzy season as long as possible, and so we thought we’d throw out this checklist now with a round-up of must-brings (beside the obvious). Party on…

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Experiences & Pop-Ups

There’s Only A French Bulldog Café Coming

Fancy a Frenchie? No, not the word for snogging you used when you were 11 (see also: ‘snogging’) but the adorable dog that looks like someone accidentally opened the fridge door into its face. The French Bulldog is getting its own tea and people are going mad for it. The tea is the brainchild of the same folks who brought us Pug Cafe and follows hot on the heels all sorts of doggie themed teas and brunches across the capital, from daschund dinners to border collie brunches, it seems our appetite for dogs (not literally) shows no sign of dying away. […]


The 6 Best Apps to Help You Sleep

Let’s face it, we’re Brits so we really can’t afford to complain about the weather, but gosh where would we be without fans in this sticky, tossing and turning heat-wave. Undeniably, sleeping has been up there with rocket-science recently – nearing a stage of pure impossibility, resulting in large holes in our pockets from purchasing enough coffee to keep us going through the working day. Eye bags have been rife, tempers have been a’bubbling, and we’re sure we’ve witnessed people out in the streets re-enacting a rain dance of some sort. So, for when even the cold side of the pillow […]

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Awesome Afternoon Teas

The Afternoon Tea That’s Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious

What: A new Mary Poppins-themed afternoon has landed at 51 Buckingham Gate (via umbrella we imagine) as part of 51 Buckingham Gate’s English Classics Reinvented campaign which has also seen themed teas like Sherlock Holmes and Alice in Wonderland. New? It’s 53 years since original Mary Poppins film was released and come Christmas, Emily Blunt will revive the iconic character in her new film, Mary Poppins Returns. As with any good anniversary of a character there follows an afternoon tea (Alice in Wonderland I’m looking at you) so 51 Buckingham Gate has created this new Mary Poppins Afternoon Tea to coincide with their […]

Awesome Afternoon Teas

The Entirely Bonkers Alice in Wonderland Afternoon Tea

As the Mad Hatter once said: “It’s always tea time”, and with this in mind Kew Gardens have created an afternoon tea as mad as a hatter. Yes, that’s right, an Alice in Wonderland-Themed afternoon tea is gracing the gardens until the end of the month, and, as affirmed by our favourite Cheshire Cat, every adventure requires a first step… and we’re here to tell you which steps you should be taking to attend. The tea, which has come about thanks to the delight that is Afternoon Tea Week, will see a bundle of characters from the Lewis Carroll classic […]

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A Taste of Summer at Galvin HOP

What: Galvin restaurants have a certain notoriety about them, scattered across metropoli (is that a word?) inclusive of London and decadent Dubai. This time however, it was the turn of Galvin HOP located in Spital Square, to sample their aptly timed Taste of Summer Menu, curated by Executive Head Chef Zac Whittle. The Setting: Galvin restaurants were established by Chris and Jeff Galvin in 2005, and so there’s quite an establishment and warmth surrounding them. We got this sense especially, walking through Spital Square on a warm summer evening, the chatter from the restaurant wafting towards us in ebbs and […]

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