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Experiences & Pop-Ups

The Immersive Ice-Cream Pop Up Coming to London

Known for their dream-esque, Willy Wonka like pop-ups and experiences, Bompass & Parr are now turning their hands to food as they launch The British Museum of Food with an exhibition all about ice cream. SCOOP: A Wonderful Ice Cream World will have you walking through luminescent caves complete with glow-in-the-dark ice cream, experiencing a sub-zero ice chamber to taste a vanilla ice cream cloud and trying unusual flavours like a daffodil flavoured ice that was around back in 1750, those Georgians were certainly pioneering. You’ll also be able to explore the world’s largest never before seen collection of ice […]

Bars, Clubs & Drinks

Get Drunk Like A Vegan

One thing that strikes fear into the heart of any vegan: ordering food in a non-vegan restaurant. The mix of having to scrutinise the menu and interrogating the waiter on the exact ingredients used can be a stressful affair, but at least the drinks menu is a safe space, right? Wrong. Cocktail menus have all sorts of sneaky animal-derided products in them like egg whites, honey and cream-based liqueurs – enter Dead Dolls House. All of the cocktails at Dead Dolls House are totally vegan-friendly, that’s right, vegans can booze it up guilt free. This means you can drink away […]

Restaurants, Pubs & Food

Turns Out Our April Fool’s Joke Isn’t a Joke…

It was our absurd April Fool’s joke that seemed to have a few readers duped into believing that you really could eat dog food in Dalston – you laugh but it seems that our jinx has turned out to be true and the last laugh is on us. We’re such trendsetters. Why? Because pet food company Freshpet is offering diners the chance to eat the same food as their dogs. In a bid to show you that their food isn’t made from leftovers, chemical and artificial ingredients or waste cuts, you can eat spaghetti and meatballs chicken fajitas and shepherd’s […]

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Bars, Clubs & Drinks

German Gymnasium Drink to our Icons

Cocktails, like pieces of art, are a thing of beauty – especially circa 5.30pm on a Friday when you’ve barged past every fellow commuter, sashayed your way on to the escalator and pushed through the tiny tube door gap, to ride off into the sunset, and get your hands on one. Well, the next time 5.30pm tolls and the Sex on the Beach isn’t ruffling your feathers anymore, how about getting yourself down to German Gymnasium’s Meister Bar to sample their brand new ‘Icons’ cocktail menu? The menu pairs 12 new cocktails with celebrated names from the catwalk, art exhibitions […]

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Bloom Burgers Have Some Seriously Nice Buns

Alert: D&D Group are trying to break the cameras on our phones. Well, not really, but they’ve already given us the most instagrammable of venues with their Bloom Room’s for their #BlossomCity18 campaign, and now they’re back with burgers that look like the type of things a unicorn might snack on during lunch. All of this colour frenzy is the result of Paternoster Chop House coinciding with D&D to create this lovely little buns. Introducing Bloom Burgers – the meat delights that promise to see a few extra likes popping up on your posts, and the occasional DM slider asking […]

Awesome Afternoon Teas

‘Afternoon Par-tea’ in Shoreditch

Afternoon tea is a famous British past time, cute fancy drink with crumpets and scones. But it does get boring after a while, interested in looking for a boost in taste and flavour in your tea? Shoreditch is amping up your afternoon tea, with Cocktail Trading Co’s  Afternoon Par-tea which they are promising to be a ‘booze-infused affair’. Sounds like an exciting time having your tea with alcohol, especially when cocktails are being mixed into the fun, expect it to be brimming with colourful concoctions and tasty treats. CTC’s ‘Afternoon Par-Tea’ will be a cocktail and cake-driven singalong bonanza, all to the […]

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Bars, Clubs & Drinks

Secret Garden Cointreau Pop-Up

“A Margarita without Cointreau is not Worth its Salt”. Margarita Sames famously said it, and 70 years on we’re still completely on side, but like any match made in heaven, Margarita needs its crucial ingredient, Cointreau. Cointreau has a certain timeless to it, with a splash of Hollywood in the 1920s retro typography set across the bottle. Therefore, like we commemorate any birthday of a legend, a great or anything iconic, we are celebrating the 70th birthday of the Margarita with what else but Cointreau? The orange liqueur has joined summery toned forces with South Place Hotel, to bring a […]

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Seasonal & Celebrations

Happy July 4th at Mondrian London

Celebrate American Independence Day on this side of the pond? Normally, we wouldn’t dare, but an exception can be made for Mondrian London’s July 4th celebration. To honour their heritage in the states and the holiday, the Mondrian will be having several events in early July with an American emphasis. The hotel’s restaurant Sea Containers will kick off the fun with a special menu on the US holiday. There will be all kinds of delicious American food to be had, with Londoners getting a chance to sample ‘Maryland Crab Cakes,’ ‘All American Barbecue Ribs,’ ‘Strawberries and Cream Donuts’ and more. […]

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Laurent: Hotel Café Royal’s New Restaurant

What: With restaurants in New York, Hong Kong, and the Caribbean, internationally renowned chef, Laurent Tourondel has chosen London, the best foodie city in the world, (we’re allowed to be bias) as the home for his first European restaurant. Taking over the first floor of the Hotel Café Royal, the restaurant replaces the slightly soulless restaurant that sat on the ground floor which, in turn, now takes on the role as an impressive lobby. New? Yes, the restaurant has only just launched, we however snuck in and managed to get a preview. I say snuck in, I mean not literally […]

Restaurants, Pubs & Food

Seven Michelin Stars? It’s How They Roll At Selfridges

This dinner is going to be the ****ing ****. No, not an expletive laden rant but the approximate number of Michelin stars coming your way if you head to alto by San Carlo on Wednesday 27th June. The restaurant on the roof of Selfridges will be playing host to some of Italy’s most renowned chefs, with a total of seven Michelin stars between them, gathered by consortium Identità Golose, and cooking up: and I’m going to copy and paste their own description which, for once, doesn’t sound hyperbolic, “an unforgettable culinary journey through the most contemporary takes on Italy’s regional […]

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