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Get Drunk Like A Vegan

One thing that strikes fear into the heart of any vegan: ordering food in a non-vegan restaurant. The mix of having to scrutinise the menu and interrogating the waiter on the exact ingredients used can be a stressful affair, but at least the drinks menu is a safe space, right? Wrong. Cocktail menus...

What to do This Weekend

Inspiration For This Weekend: 15th – 17th June

It’s not too late to rush to a card shop, grab the first one on the rack, scribble a message, slap on a stamp and shove your fathers’ day card into a pillar box. But time is ticking down. However, should you entirely forget then you could salvage something by taking them to one of these...

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Battersea Power Station Launches Seafood Festival

Shell yeah, there’s a seafood festival coming to London? Why is it that the sea just wants me to break out in puns? Who knows, I’ll try to avoid the pier-pressure. Anyway… taking place at Battersea Power Station next week, the festival is five days of seafood, masterclasses, street food, live...

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Seasonal & Celebrations

Happy July 4th at Mondrian London

Celebrate American Independence Day on this side of the pond? Normally, we wouldn’t dare, but an exception can be made for Mondrian London’s July 4th celebration. To honour their heritage in the states and the holiday, the Mondrian will be having several events in early July with an American...

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Laurent: Hotel Café Royal’s New Restaurant

What: With restaurants in New York, Hong Kong, and the Caribbean, internationally renowned chef, Laurent Tourondel has chosen London, the best foodie city in the world, (we’re allowed to be bias) as the home for his first European restaurant. Taking over the first floor of the Hotel Café Royal...

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Restaurants, Pubs & Food

Seven Michelin Stars? It’s How They Roll At Selfridges

This dinner is going to be the ****ing ****. No, not an expletive laden rant but the approximate number of Michelin stars coming your way if you head to alto by San Carlo on Wednesday 27th June. The restaurant on the roof of Selfridges will be playing host to some of Italy’s most renowned...

Rooftops and Terraces

English Sparkling Wine, DJs and Instagram Views at Florentine

Champagne might have been at the top of the sparkling wine game for a long time, partly because the name sounds fancy and it makes us think we’ll all be that little bit more sophisticated if we drink it, but actually we should be championing all things homegrown and English sparkling wine is...

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Openings & Launches

Four Floors of Food: Smiths of Smithfield Revamp

Cast your mind back to twenty years ago? What were you doing? Well, if you were chef John Torode you were opening ‘Smiths’ of Smithfield restaurant, a Farrindgon staple, housed in a grade II-listed building. Now, Smiths has undergone a wow-worthy revamp by Young’s, providing...


The House of Apothecary Where You Can Make Your Own Gin

Gin isn’t just our adopted unofficial official spirit of London, it’s also steeped in history and has many medicinal properties. It’s good for fighting malaria, being a superfood, helping digestion and keeping your joints happy.* Why the gin lesson? Because Granary Square Brasserie and...

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Bars, Clubs & Drinks

The Boutique Hotel Inspired by Gin

Love gin? Love gin so much you want to dream in gin? The Princess Victoria one of the earliest and notable gin palaces dating back to 1829 opened five luxury boutique bedrooms Back in the 19th century, too much gin and you’d be crawling out to some questionable lodging house. Too much gin in the...

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