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The Boxsets That Got Us Through May

Given we’re all going to spend June glued to Love Island it’s hard to think how you’ll find time to watch any boxsets, let alone the six we’ve suggested here. But when the Majorcan dust clears, then you’ll need something to replace all that time with, you could learn a...

What to do This Weekend

It’s The Weekend Already! Things To Do: 1st – 3rd June

Well it’s been another four-day week, meaning that the weekend is rushing up towards us faster than we can handle right now. But fear not, the short week doesn’t mean that we’ve forgotten to prepare our weekend guide; so, just for you, here are the fun things we’re going to...


The Low Key Plant-Based Place You Need to Try: Plates

What: Plates is an innovative plant-based restaurant, influenced by art and inspired by nature, from Executive Chef and Plates co-founder, Kirk Haworth, and his sister, Creative Director, Keeley. New? Plates was previously a weekend pop up in Dalston before it moved to its new permanent home in...

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Bars, Clubs & Drinks

Rake’s Café Bar Makes for the Perfect Pit Stop

If you’ve had to make do with the train food cart’s selection of basic crisp flavours and overly strong coffee, and you’re desperate to indulge in something a little more flavourful, Rake’s have got your back. The new café bar have hit the location nail on the head, positioned right next...

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Restaurants, Pubs & Food

A Taste of India at Brigadiers

Barbecue season is amongst us, an affair that sees Dad’s dropping too many sausages onto the coals, someone panicking that things are undercooked, eating your body weight in potato salad, and a nosey neighbour trying to get in on the action. With this said, what better time than now for JKS...

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Openings & Launches

Now There’s Another Posh Indian Coming To Central London!

It seems that the onward march of posh Indians is showing no sign of slowing as we welcome Little Kolkata to Covent Garden. And thank goodness, the past year has seen the Cinnamon, Dishoom and Kricket empires expanding as well as top-end newcomers like Indian Accent and Jamavar laying claim to this...


The Afternoon Tea That Swaps Sandwiches for Sushi

What: If you ever have that moment where you think that you’d really like some sushi, but you’d also really like a scone and you don’t know which to choose (granted it might not be the most common thought but I bet it happens) then I’m here to tell you that you no longer to make that...

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Experiences & Pop-Ups

Yogis Assemble as Sweatlife Festival Returns

One for those who carry out their everyday tasks in their active-wear, Sweatlife has returned for another year and we’re pumped. Canadian apparel brand Lululemon will host the sweaty shenanigans next month, and whilst most might associate festival with copious amounts of glitter, the inability to...

Restaurants, Pubs & Food

The Fitzrovia Collective’s Famous Five

We’ve all heard of the famous five, but how about a foodie version? The Fitzrovia Collective is back with a Salt Yard, The Ninth, Noizé, Picture and Lima sized bang this Summer, as it showcases dinners from each restaurant. The dining experience will see the restaurants showcase one course from...

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Seasonal & Celebrations

Where To Make The Most Out Of English Wine Week

Until very recently the mere mention of English wine resulted in barely muffled sniggers. Maybe just about good enough for cooking. But then, a couple of decades back people were equally dubious about Australian wines and earlier this week I found it impossible to find someone to come along to a...

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