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Awesome Afternoon Teas

Experience The Golden Age of Steam with this Incredible Afternoon Tea

The golden age of steam travel, from Roberta waving her scarlet pants in Railway Children to everyone lining up to stab Ratchett in Murder On The Orient Express, it’s imprinted of our collective national psyche. That and tea, a British obsession since, like, forever. So the savvy people over at luxury train company Belmond British Pullman have only gone and put together a luxury afternoon tea. The tea, to celebrate August’s Afternoon Tea Week, will involve a round-trip aboard the Belmond British Pullman as it chuffs its way through the British countryside for a three hour adventure that will see each couple dining at […]

Bars, Clubs & Drinks

Cure Your Ale-ments at London’s Craft Beer Festival

It would be un-beer-able to know this here festival was happening and you weren’t attending this craft(y) little beer event. We say little, but actually it looks like London Craft Beer Festival has got it all going on, with 65 breweries from across our beer-filled globe getting in on the action. Tobacco Dock will be the place to be, come the first weekend of August as beer favourites bring their latest creations for your perusing pleasure. Just some of the brewers showcasing their goods include Brewdog, Affinity Brew Co, Gypsy Hill, Howling Hops, Kinnegar and Weird Beard. As all good […]

Things to do Outdoors

Messing About In Boats: Things to do on the Thames

The Thames, the lady of London, quietly winding through each of our lives, dividing and defining the capital. But more than a landmark, the river is also a great source of things to do, from paddleboarding to comedy. Here are some ideas… The Ivy Tower Bridge What: A Need For Speed Why: What’s the best way to enjoy the Thames? Hurtling across it of course. The Ivy Tower Bridge has partnered with London’s first ever speedboat tour operator, Thames Rockets, to create an exclusive package. Thrill-seekers will be able to take an exhilarating tour along the River Thames followed by […]

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Bars, Clubs & Drinks

Enjoy Aperitivos on The Charlotte Street Hotel Terrace

Celebrate European café culture at Charlotte Street Hotel this summer with their Aperitivo Terrace. The hotel is partnering up with Regal Rogue Vermouth to transform their Oscar Bar terrace into an Italian getaway. Enjoy the classic low-alcohol apertitif while basking in the lovely London summer sun. The minds behind the new terrace experience have created a menu of vermouth-led cocktails and light bites to give day drinkers a treat without getting them obliterated. Eoin Kenny, Firmdale’s Group Mixologist, has dreamed up aperitif-twists on classic drinks, as well as vermouth-led takes on the standard gin and tonic. Options include the citrus […]

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Rakia, Relationships and Ramblings: 8 Reasons to Visit Zagreb

Zagreb is (hopefully) known to all as Croatia’s buzzy capital, a city famed for its colour festivals and deemed by the sequin wearing, painted faced amongst us as “festival city”. However, despite being the capital, Zagreb is definitely not the first place that pops into mind when planning a trip to Croatia, perhaps overshadowed by more popular choices Split and Dubrovnik. I’m here to wave my hands in your face and shout about Zagreb, because after visiting, it’s definitely a culture-filled capital I’d be willing to revisit time and time again. The Botanical Gardens Why: The Botanical Gardens are definitely […]

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Bars, Clubs & Drinks

Keep Your Gin Up at Nicholson’s Gin Fest

Here at The Handbook, we’re the first to sniff out the scent of a gin fest, especially one as heavy-loaded as Nicholson’s, featuring 40 gins across 77 historic pubs. Running from 16th July to 2nd September, it’s an excuse to renew your gin membership – that’s right, gin, not gym. A special shout-out goes to Tarquin’s Gin who have created a limited-edition dry Cornish gin, infused with strawberries and lemon verbena. A peruse down the windy landscapes of Cornwall sees many a blue umbrella adorning the land. Yep, that’s the doing of Tarquin’s, who seem to have monopolised Cornish gin […]


The Ultimate Glamping Experience

When it comes to camping it seems as if there are two camps, the people who can’t get enough of it, who can put up a tent in a mere flourish of the hand and aren’t fazed by waking up slightly sweaty to have a wet wipe bath whilst they sit around waiting for a lack lustre kettle to boil. Then there are those who do hotels. What if there was a third way? What if you could combine hotel life and camping? Glamping but super luxe? Well there is and it’s from the award-winning tourism company, Arena Hospitality Group […]

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Best Brunches

There’s a Drake Brunch Coming to a Secret London Location

If you’ve been too caught up in Love Island, the World Cup and Wimbledon, then you might have missed that Drake has released his fifth studio album and it’s a hefty 25 tracks long. So, what do we do when the master of questionable dance moves brings us new music? We brunch, of course. We are Londoners after all. Hip Hop Brunch has announced a Drake special on Saturday 21st July to celebrate the Scorpion album. It’s set to be an afternoon of bottomless cocktails, Drake-themed games with prizes (start brushing up on your knowledge now, here’s one to start, […]

Experiences & Pop-Ups

All Aboard, All Aboard: The Champagne Train Ride

You know what they say, no Champagne, no gain. Well OK that’s not exactly a commonly heard phrase but we think it reigns true, because Champagne is important and KRUG Champagne especially has caught our attention. As F. Scott Fitzgerald said: “too much of anything is bad, but too much champagne is just right”. Here, here. That’s why we’re excited for KRUG Encounters event Tracks on Tracks, in partnership with Jools Holland and chef Luke Robinson. Quite the conglomerate of people but, hear us out, the bubbly event will see guests depart from London Victoria and travel on a private […]

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Openings & Launches

Harvey Nicks Make Over Their Fifth Floor Bar

Harvey Nicks, Knightsbridge’s most chic emporium is about to reopen their fifth floor bar, aptly called the Fifth Floor Bar, and it looks pretty stunning: expect to see Ab Fab’s Patsy louchely lounging on a soft suede sofa ordering another glass of Champagne. Closed for nearly a month, Knightsbridge residents have just had to cool their high heels waiting for their favourite drinks spot to be refurbished, but it was surely worth it as the new design is sophisticated and timeless. Working with design agency Keane Clarkson they’ve brought in a new colour scheme of earthy tones with muted shades of […]

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