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We Review: Flemings Mayfair

What? One of the last remaining privately owned hotels in London and the hotel thought to be the inspiration for Agatha Christie’s novel At Betram’s Hotel, Flemings Mayfair is also home to restaurant, Ormer Mayfair by Shaun Rankin and the Manetta’s bar. New? Nope, Flemings is actually one of...

Openings & Launches

Japan House Arrives in Kensington

For those prone to thinking solely of the martial arts, Hello Kitty or sushi when Japan comes to mind, get ready for your horizons to be considerably widened. Bringing a dose of Japan to the capital, Japan House is set to open next month as the first of its kind in Europe, following other sites in...

Openings & Launches

Seafood Restaurant ‘Bucket’ Anchors up in Westbourne Grove

As the all too familiar saying goes “there are plenty more fish in the sea”, a motto new seafood restaurant, Bucket, seem oh so familiar with. Washing up in Westbourne Grove this May, the seafood haven promises dishes by the bucket load, coupled with an inside attitude as laid-back and breezy...

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Restaurants, Pubs & Food

The London Restaurant Partying Like it’s 1993

Back in 1993 Haymarket was bought to a standstill as 10,000 fans packed the streets to see over 100 film stars partying in London, but it wasn’t for a premier or awards ceremony. It was for the opening of Planet Hollywood and it’s famed for being one of the biggest celebrity launches ever seen...

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Bars, Clubs & Drinks

World’s Best Cocktail Bar Launches Terrace

Where do you go from World’s Best Cocktail Bar? For Dandelyan the answer is to launch a Botanical Suite within Mondrian London, and to do it with the world’s most famous gin maker, Bombay Sapphire. The idea is simple, take over a hotel suite, totally redesign it and turn it into a...

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Experiences & Pop-Ups

Get Exclusive Tickets to The Great Masked Ball: London’s Ultimate Immersive Party

This summer, London’s ultimate immersive adventure is back, and you’re invited. Your presence is requested at The Great Masked Ball, an enchanting Swan Lake masquerade set within a fairytale palace, hidden somewhere in London. The tickets are only being sold through secret drops and The...


The Best Places To Stay In… Mexico

Mexico, everyone’s going; whether it’s honeymooners heading for the beach or gangsters heading for the border in every US crime thriller. But where to stash your fiancé or swag, depending which group you fall into, once you arrive? Well here’s some suggestions of places to stay...

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Rooftops and Terraces

Savage Garden: The New City Rooftop Bar

Savage Garden, not just that Australian duo who sang classic 90s hits like Truly Madly Deeply and To the Moon & Back, but also now a new sky-high bar opening in the City. Who knows whether the founders are mega fans of the pop duo or are inspired by author Anne Rice’s quote, ‘beauty is a...

Experiences & Pop-Ups

Europe’s Longest Bar Hosts Champagne Masterclasses

“That’s what I go to school for, Even though it is a real bore” sang Busted in their Ofsted-nightmare-scenario hit song (sidebar: we actually had a Miss Mackenzie at our school and this song was wholly inaccurate). But what I definitely would go to school for is Searcys...

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We Review: Sartoria’s Saturday Brunch

What? Standing on the corner of Savile Row, Sartoria (meaning ‘tailor’ in Italian) is part of restaurant super group D&D London who now have over 30 restaurants across London, Leeds, Paris, New York and Tokyo. It’s also arguably my favourite D&D restaurant with Francesco Mazzei as...

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