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Experiences & Pop-Ups

8 of the Best Pop-Ups in May

May is here and alongside the two Bank Holidays, there are also plenty of pop-ups and supper clubs to attend. You could cruise down the canal eating spicy seafood, you could pay for your meal with recyclable plastic or you can drink a lot of wine at London Wine Week.

Experiences & Pop-Ups

The One With the Trifle: Regina Phalange Pop-up

‘What’s not to like? Custard, good. Jam, good. Meat, good!’ Yep Friends fans will know exactly what we’re talking about. They might also still be lamenting over the fact that the last episode aired 14 years ago, which quite frankly just makes us feel hideously old.To mark the anniversary...

Bars, Clubs & Drinks

Park Chinois Launch Opulent Immersive Show

If, Mayfair restaurant, Park Chinois wasn’t opulent enough, then they have just launched a new immersive show that is inspired by the sophistication and glamour of 1930s Shanghai. Running from Wednesday to Sunday each week and performed during dinner, you’ll be transported to a world of...

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Openings & Launches

Spot The Newcomer, The Leopard Bar Coming To Victoria

There’s nothing in life that can’t be made 100% cooler if you wrap it in leopard print. Leopard print Crocs? Tick. Radio 2? Yes. A paragliding Nigel Farage in a thong? Grudgingly yes, but please get that image out of my head. Wrap it all in leopard print and you’ve got yourself a super-cool...

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Experiences & Pop-Ups

Learn Something New at Mondrian London

Remember when you’d spend rainy Saturday afternoons colouring in, making things and watching Art Attack? There’s something so satisfying about making something and whilst Neil Buchanan might have moved on from the painting (he’s now in a heavy metal band, would you believe?) we are all still...

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Experiences & Pop-Ups

Feisty Women Wanted: Apply Here…

Are you a feisty, strong, badass woman? If so then coincidence would have it that there’s a supper club on the lookout for ‘feisty, strong, badass women’. Today’s your lucky day. Feisty Feast is all about bringing women together through a combination of atmospheric venues...


We Review: W New York Times Square

What? New York, The Big Apple, the city that never sleeps. It’s my favourite city (after London of course, my loyalty runs deep) and on my last visit, I wanted to go all out, I wanted to go big, I wanted to stay right in the heart of the city: Times Square. So, I headed to W New York –...

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Openings & Launches

10 Top Restaurants and Bars That Opened in April 2018

It took four months, but in April we saw the first bit of sun, we also saw the opening of sky bars, new hotels, Burmese restaurants and the revival of pubs. Here are ten of the best openings from last month…...

Health & Wellness

London’s First Clean Air Bar

Take a deep breath… hold it in…and now exhale all that toxic London air. Apparently London air is so filthy that living and breathing here is the equivalent of smoking 15 cigarettes a day. Well not at No 29 Power Station West. The bar has teamed up with urban gardening experts Patch...

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Awesome Afternoon Teas

The Afternoon Tea Double Whammy

Get into your Pearl & Groove this month as two icons collaborate to create a fantastic new afternoon tea. Legendary King’s Road hangout, Bluebird, has teamed up with famous Portobello Road bakery Pearl & Groove to double dip, creating a floral themed afternoon tea to coincide with...

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