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Is This London’s Most Stylish Aparthotel?

Back when I lived in Edinburgh, George Street was the boutique bar laden street to be seen on. And, sitting gracefully amongst its expanse was the gorgeous Eden Locke; a place where pastel colours boomed out amongst Scandi-style interiors. I was interviewing the adorable Amy Bell, or The Little Magpie to those who peruse her contagiously cool Instagram. We sat on wicker seats with coffee heating up our hands and traversed all sorts of topics, from her various upcoming press trips to exotic places and her wickedly beautiful fashion sense. At that moment, I fell totally in love with aparthotel […]

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A Sky-High Botanical Glasshouse Comes To London

This dreary weather is becoming a bore. We’re itching to crack out the maxi-dresses, sandals and down a few cocktails without having the fear of a potential downpour at any moment. Alas, we’ve found somewhere that’s guaranteed to bring a splash of fun to our British summer and that’s the new botanical glasshouse opening at Searcys at The Gherkin. From July 15th, you can be immersed in this new natural haven. Decked out with exotic plants and flowers, The Glasshouse will become an oasis of greenery – despite being at the top of one of London’s most iconic skyscrapers. Created […]

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Where To Eat Out In… Soho

Soho could have easily been named Tally Ho! The name Soho was apparently coined as it was the hunting cry of Duke of Monmouth, rather than the more common ‘tally ho’. We can’t decide which would have been better, but in any case ‘tally ho!’ to all these restaurant...

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Historic Houses In London You Never Knew Existed

When you’re a city dweller living in the midst of the high-rises and city landscape, it’s easy to forget that London’s reeking with centuries of history. While we’re all aware of the usual tourist traps like Big Ben and the Tower of London, we miss out on the secret houses scattered all over the city. We’ve handpicked our favourite hideouts, that are guaranteed to make your followers gasp in awe, with every post. Fenton House Named one of London’s hidden treasures, Fenton House is awaiting your discovery. Guarded behind its walled gardens, this national trust house dates back to the […]

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Shake Up Your Summer With These 15 New Cocktails

Summer; the sun is beaming, fresh cut grass leads to nostalgic odours and the tweeting of birds creates a spellbinding symphony for the ears. And yet let’s face it, all you really care about is COCKTAILS! That’s right, you’ve got bucketloads of cocktails on the brain, from on the...

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Don’t Be A Jerk: Check Out These 14 Caribbean Restos

Jer’making me crazy! Let’s face it, nothing beats a recipe that’s been tried, tested and passed down from generation to generation, and your mama’s ol’ jerk marinade is one of those. Created with a whole lotta Caribbean spices, left for days to ensure their flavours are fused together, it’s something that us Londoner’s can’t get enough of. Whether we’re indulging in Caribbean chargrilled jerk meats, Ital stews or caramelised plantain, we’re flooded with Caribbean cuisine in the city. So we’ve devised a guide to the best of London’s Caribbean scene for you – expect ample amounts of rum!   Cottons Bringing a slice […]


The Ultimate Sporting Experiences From The Shangri-La

Sports fans, listen up! If there’s one place that sums up summer sport it’s not the crease at Lord’s, it’s not the goalmouth at Wembley or Centre Court at Wimbledon, it’s Shangri-La Hotel, At The Shard. Yes, the tallest building in Europe, the one there’s a 60% chance you can see from your desk right now, has made itself the epicentre of this summer’s sporting season with their bucket list sporting experiences. If you’re looking for the ultimate gift for a sports fan, look no further. In one stay at the iconic hotel you can bag Wimbledon Centre Court Wimbledon […]

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Experiences & Pop-Ups

Dangleway Dining: Restaurant Opens On The Emirates Air Line

Airline food is the worst, it really is. If you’re sat in economy or economy plus then you might as well be eating a 1970 microwave meal. Well not on Emirates, or at least, not on the Emirates Air Line. London’s most bizarre mode of transport, the cable car aimlessly taking you to where the Olympics once happened, has teamed up with one of our favourite restaurants, Jimmy Garcia’s to bring you ‘sky high dining’ (totally not sky high, but still a couple hundred feet in the air). Launching tomorrow, Jimmy Garcia’s Sky High Dining really puts the UP in pop-up […]

Experiences & Pop-Ups

You’re It! World Chase Tag Arrives In London

At school you have the sporty kids who play football, netball, basketball, tennis, and you have the non sporty ones who enjoy watching from the sidelines, dodging the ball. But by lunchtime, this all changed. Every kid on the playing field ran riot in the good ol’ game of tag. There’s now the chance to relive your childhood days by competing in a game of World Chase Tag and us lucky Londoners will be amongst the first non-pros globally to have a shot at testing the course for free. If only we knew you could plat tag competitively, right? Well, World Chase […]

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The World’s Fastest Zip Wire Is Here

Zip-a-Dee-Doo-Dah! There’s an awesome 700ft zip wire coming to London tomorrow and whilst we’ve got a whole load of vertigo writing this it does look like a laugh. The fun comes from Zip Now London who love to induce butterflies and strap you into harnesses. If you’re not an adrenaline junkie and need various incentives to getting zipping then know that it’s the biggest, fastest city centre zip wire in the world – it looks set to take you to new heights, that’s for sure. If you’ve not yet managed to clamber up The Shard or ride The London Eye then […]

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