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Restaurants, Pubs & Food

The Street Dedicated to Cheese

An entire festival dedicated to cheese; the sexiest words known to mankind? Quite possibly. Cheese Street NW5 will be a glorious day focusing entirely on the delicious yellow stuff at Parliament Hill Farmers Market on Hampstead Heath. The titillating folk behind such a concept is London Farmers...

Health & Wellness

Free Charity Fitness Class at Psycle London

There are some ‘national’ days and months that we could do without, purely created for the sake of sales, (cynical but true), but there’s one cause that is taking place in March that we are fully on board with: Brain Tumour Awareness Month. You probably didn’t know that 11,000 people a year...

Health & Wellness

The Hotel Giving Out Free Rooms For National Napping Day

You know what I never appreciated as a child? Naps. Quite easily one of the best free things in life. Now, when I’m desperate for an extra hour or two it’s a bit harder, apparently, it’s not acceptable to set up camp at your desk with a pillow and eye mask. And you know when you’ve...

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Openings & Launches

Think You Know About Burma? Have You Tried The Food?

We know so much about the changing political situations in Burma that it comes as a bit of a surprise to realise that we understand so little about the culture, if someone asked you who Aung San Sui Kui is, you’d (hopefully) have no difficulty in identifying her. If someone asked you what...

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Bars, Clubs & Drinks

The Prince Returns For Summer

Before last year, Fulham and West Brompton didn’t really have much in the way of the food scene. Having lived there for six years and counting, I watched as my sister’s neighbourhood of Tooting grew into an exciting foodie hub, whilst I made do with another overly expensive pub, because...

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Things to do Outdoors

Skylight at Tobacco Dock Returns for Summer

Amidst talks of the Beast of the East Part 3 and yellow snow ice warnings, we have some news which is a little sunnier, at least we hope by the time it opens it’s sunnier, if not we will be moving The Handbook HQ somewhere hotter (yeah, we’re threatening you weather). On the 3rd May, Skylight...


The Great Fruitcake Debate: Is It Okay For Harry And Meghan To Have A Lemon Wedding Cake?

Stop the presses! This is seriously important news. Like, properly important. Stand aside Brexit, pipe-down Putin, this is important shizz. Harry and Meghan have chosen their wedding cake… and it’s not fruitcake. The lemon and elderflower number they’ve gone with is courtesy of...

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Experiences & Pop-Ups

Is This Going To Be The Healthiest Restaurant In London?

Block out your weekends and lock up your yucca trees, Plates London is coming! The plant based restaurant is set to open in Dalston and will be offering their creations to the general public, initially just one day a week. Plates is the brainchild of brother-sister team Kirk and Keeley Haworth, the...

Business & Careers

Invest In A Bar For The Price Of A Round

Have you always fancied owning a bar? Maybe not standing in front of the optics, changing the barrel and totting up the books at the end of the week, but rather as a silent partner, nodding to acknowledge the bar staff while someone pours your ‘usual’? Well, now you could. And for less than...

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Restaurants, Pubs & Food

Unfollow Nandos, Get Free Chicken Wings…

If you thought that Nandos was cheeky, that’s nothing, if you believed that KFC stood for anything other than Korean Fried Chicken then think again. Welcome to Wing Wing, the company giving away free chicken wings on the proviso that you unfriend Nandos and KFC on your social media. The Korean...

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