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Mindful City: Laughter Yoga, Beyonce Barre and Meditation

Living in London is great, always something to do, always someone to see, always somewhere new to eat; but in the great rush that is London life we can also be left feeling drained and exhausted. This is when we need to take stock and practice self-care and mindfulness. After all our mental health is every bit as important as a physical health. D&D London’s latest campaign Mindful City, will see its London restaurants host a whole series of events, talks and workshops throughout January until the 11th February, all designed for us to slow down and appreciate ourselves and […]

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The Awesome New Hotel Coming To The City

In the fourteenth century, as now, traders were the top dogs in the Square Mile. But rather than sitting at dual screen monitors with multiple phones pressed against their heads, they were quite literally trading, and instead of investment banks it was the Livery Companies who controlled commerce. It is these Livery Companies, which still exist, that The City’s latest hotel celebrates. Vintry & Mercer is set to open in March and is named after the Vintners, who traded wine, and the Mercers, who traded fine fabrics. But while the hotel may pay homage to these ancient organisations, the hotel […]

Health & Wellness

11 Top Restaurants for Veganuary

2017 saw the rise of veganism in the UK, and it is now estimated that over 150 thousand people in London identify themselves as a vegan, which will likely increase in 2018. Whether your reason for veganism is ethical, environmental, health or you just want to try it out for Veganuary, we have put together a list of restaurants who are making veganism even more accessible. Gillray’s Steakhouse & Bar What: Vegan-Friendly Steakhouse Why: Now hear me out when I say that Waterloo based steakhouse, Gillray’s, is doing a vegan menu, especially when I tell you that it’s actually pretty […]

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We Review: Gillray’s Vegan Menu

What: Breaking news – Waterloo-based steakhouse, Gillray’s, has gone vegan! Well not entirely, but they do now have a three-course vegan set menu which is a first for the restaurant and therefore a big deal. They have a fair amount of vegetarian options on their a la carte menu but have now gone the whole hog (excuse the pun) with the new vegan dishes. New? New year, new menu. Head chef, Jamie Welch, created the vegan menu just in time for Veganuary and will as such only be available throughout January 2018. Where? London County Hall, Westminster Bridge Road, London SE1 7PB […]

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8 Of The Best January Pop-Ups

January is not all doom and gloom, despite what the weather looks like. Even though Christmas is over and your birthday is probably quite far off, it does not mean you should be inside and allowed to mope. With this in mind The Handbook has devised a little list of January pop-ups for you to explore and experience this month. Lumiere Light Festival What: The Lumiere Light Festival Transforms London Why: London is about to be transformed into a piece of art as the Lumiere London light festival returns for a spectacular second edition. A group of artists have collaborated to […]


9 Ways to Boost Your Health This Month

Here at The Handbook we aren’t going to tell you that to boost your health you need to down green shots and just work out more, although we’re fans of that too. Nope, rather we’ve got nine ways to boost your health this month which include yoga, relaxing, dancing and simply talking. Re:Solutions What: The Only Resolution We Want to Make Why: Unless you’re talking about the festival at Juju, then we don’t want to hear about resolutions. Don’t be healthy because you want to be a new you, you’re great, do it because it makes you feel great and […]

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10 Reasons To Visit Jersey This Spring

Jersey, the place so good they named a sweater after it. And a potato and a cow. Located just off the French coast, Jersey is the perfect island break, a fantastic combination of food and drink, stunning views and awesome people. The ideal place to leave London behind, and embrace a way of life you’ve been longing for. And it can all be done in a weekend. It’s Closer Than You Think It’s quicker to get to Jersey than it is to visit my closest IKEA. At 40 minutes from Gatwick it’s a short easyJet hop across The Channel and […]

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Openings & Launches

Kazu: Sushi and Sake in Fitzrovia

Since Fitzrovia had its food renaissance a couple of years ago, the restaurants have kept flocking there and the next to open is Kazu, a new contemporary Japanese restaurant. In the kitchen, you’ll find Executive Chef and partner, Dham Kodituwakku who has spent the last fifteen years working as head chef at Chisou in Mayfair. He’ll be serving up a menu of sushi and sashimi as well as dishes such as seared fatty tuna with pickled wasabi; wagyu beef steak; deep fried soft- shell crab sushi rolls and black cod with miso. Accompanying it will be sakes, spirits and an […]

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Mood Boosting Roast
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The Mood Boosting Sunday Roast

It’s easy to see why we have the January blues – in the last few weeks, we’ve spent too much, eaten too much and drank too much. Now the decorations and twinkly lights have been taken down, all we’re left with is the dark, miserable wet days, too tight jeans and a mince pie addiction. Which is why we need to boost our moods in positive ways, like an invigorating walk followed by a Sunday roast rather than 3 back to back gym classes and then some broth – there’s a time and a place and the depths of January […]

What to do This Weekend

What To Do This Weekend: 5th – 7th January 2018

Wow, that was the fastest week ever! If they’re all like this then it’ll be June by the end of the month! Well, now you’ve just gotten used to being back at your desk you’ve got to unlearn it all again and embrace the weekend! Life-of-leisure how we’ve missed you! Geffrye Museum What: Farewell Christmas! Why: On the twelfth day of Christmas my true love gave to me… a bonfire. This Saturday is Epiphany (the twelfth day of Christmas) and the traditional end to the Christmas season involves ritualistic burning of holly and ivy, drinking mulled wine, carol singing, eating […]

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