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What To Do This Weekend: 12th – 15th January 2018

We’re not going to lie, January’s starting to drag now; the novelty of being back at work has well and truly worn off and, if anything, the weekend can’t come soon enough. Which is just as well because this time tomorrow we’ll be counting down the hours before we can unleash...


London’s 50 Bucketlist Hotels

London is the world’s leading destination for travellers, whether here for the myriad of attractions that the city has to offer, visiting friends and family or on business it’s crucial to know the best places to stay. The Handbook has hand selected our favourite London hotels.The...


We Review: The Giggling Squid Wimbledon

What: We giggled, and we ate wonderfully (just not the squid) New? Yes. Well, sort of. The Giggling Squid is a chain of restaurants that has establishments all over the UK, and now there is one in Wimbledon. Where: 26 High Street, Wimbledon, SW19 5BY The Look: One of the...

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Beat January: Go Somewhere Hot

The other day it was minus fifteen in the UK. Minus fifteen… I have never been more eager to jump on a flight and leave Britain way, way behind. Except the half inch of snow meant that all flights were cancelled. So instead here I am, huddled by the radiator and daydreaming about where I’d head...

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The Samaritans Say Boo To Blue Monday

Monday the 15th January, has me quaking in fear. Why? Why you ask, because apparently it’s the most depressing day of the year. I had no idea this was the case, but now that I’ve been told, I can’t shake the growing dread that consumes me every minute the 15th gets closer. With this in mind...

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Openings & Launches

The Awesome New Hotel Coming To The City

In the fourteenth century, as now, traders were the top dogs in the Square Mile. But rather than sitting at dual screen monitors with multiple phones pressed against their heads, they were quite literally trading, and instead of investment banks it was the Livery Companies who controlled commerce.

Health & Wellness

11 Top Restaurants for Veganuary

2017 saw the rise of veganism in the UK, and it is now estimated that over 150 thousand people in London identify themselves as a vegan, which will likely increase in 2018. Whether your reason for veganism is ethical, environmental, health or you just want to try it out for Veganuary, we have put...

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8 Of The Best January Pop-Ups

January is not all doom and gloom, despite what the weather looks like. Even though Christmas is over and your birthday is probably quite far off, it does not mean you should be inside and allowed to mope. With this in mind The Handbook has devised a little list of January pop-ups for you to...


9 Ways to Boost Your Health This Month

Here at The Handbook we aren’t going to tell you that to boost your health you need to down green shots and just work out more, although we’re fans of that too. Nope, rather we’ve got nine ways to boost your health this month which include yoga, relaxing, dancing and simply...

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10 Reasons To Visit Jersey This Spring

Jersey, the place so good they named a sweater after it. And a potato and a cow. Located just off the French coast, Jersey is the perfect island break, a fantastic combination of food and drink, stunning views and awesome people. The ideal place to leave London behind, and embrace a way of life...

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