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10 Summer Festivals in London

If you’re not a fan of mud, camping and not being able to shower then check out these top festivals in London. All just a tube journey away, you get all the best parts of a festival and you can head home to your own bed after…excellent. Field Day What: New Music and Street Food Why: This summer, Field Day will be heading to Brockwell Park for the first time as it makes South London it’s home. You’ll want to go to Field Day because it’s all about new music. In years to come you’ll be able to reminisce about […]

Openings & Launches

Dip in Brilliant: Chelsea’s New Punjabi Restaurant

The Prince of Wales, Tina Turner and Kevin Costner all walk into a restaurant…it’s Brilliant, the iconic Southall restaurant. The restaurant that opened back in 1975 by culinary star Dipna Anand’s family. Now, 43 years later and it’s Dipna Anand’s turn to open her first solo restaurant, Dip in Brilliant. Opening today in Chelsea, Dip in Brilliant is a relaxed Punjabi café with a menu that gives a nod to the Brilliant brand. Dishes include chicken tikka masala, papri chaat, tandoori mix grill and biryanis There’ll also be original recipes from the first Brilliant restaurant that Dipna’s grandfather, Bishen Dass, […]

Restaurants, Pubs & Food

The Woman Making African Cuisine Mainstream

French cooking is almost ubiquitous, French chefs and menus dominate any list of London’s top restaurants. And it’s not that we’re unadventurous and only willing to try the cuisine of the country next door, Indian curries are practically a British national dish. But when it comes to African food, we simply haven’t ‘got it’ yet. Which is where Zoe Adjonyoh comes in. Adjonyoh founded Zoe’s Ghana Kitchen with the intention of bringing African food and culture to the masses. Eight years after she began evangelising in the form of a string of sell-out supper clubs, a hugely successful popup at […]

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Health & Wellness

Hip Hop Yoga and Meditation

Yoga, it doesn’t all have to be about chanting and gongs it can be all about badass affirmation-based meditation set to Hip Hop and R’n’B. Yup it really can, just ask Sanchia Legister and Holiday Phillips who run Gyal Flex. Known as the ‘urban face of wellness’ the ladies will show you how to soothe your mind and ease your body using the ultimate R’n’B and beats playlist. It doesn’t matter if you’re a complete beginner and can barely touch your toes or if you wait for the tube in the crow pose and despite the name, guys you’re more […]

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The Podcasts We’re Listening To Right Now

Wondering what podcast to listen to next? Look no further

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Restaurants, Pubs & Food

10 of the Best Mexican Restaurants

The days of gimmicky Mexican restaurants complete with sombrero in each seat, pinatas hanging from the ceiling and tequila flowing behind the bar are gone (OK, tequila remains). Whilst London has never been at the forefront of Mexican cuisine, for somewhere home to so many guacamole lovers, it is finally starting to get the attention it deserves. If you know your quesadilla from your enchilada and your taco from your nacho, get down to one of these ten Mexican casas and sample the best London has to offer. Ella Canta What: The first lady of Mexican food Why: Ella Canta […]

Restaurants, Pubs & Food

7 of the Most Incredible Restaurants in the World

London has the best food scene in the world, that’s just a fact. What we don’t have though, are mountains, underwater restaurants and caves, we’ll put it forward to Sadiq. Until then, you’ll have to travel a little further afield and when you do, make sure you check out these top incredible restaurants.

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What to do This Weekend

What to do This Weekend: 16th – 18th February

The sun’s out and the weekend is nigh. Here’s some ideas for things you might like to be doing come 6pm tomorrow. We don’t know about you, but it can’t come soon enough…

Restaurants, Pubs & Food

10th Anniversary Chef Supper Series At J Sheekey Atlantic Bar

HAPPY BIRTHDAY J Sheekey Atlantic Bar! The restaurant famous for its seafood is celebrating it’s 10th Anniversary. How are they going to celebrate, well, I’m glad you asked; with a yearlong series of supper clubs. The restaurant will be inviting some of the UK’s most renowned seafood chefs to collaborate with Executive Head Chef Andrew McLay. They will be producing exceptional dishes and a minimum of three courses. Each chef will be bringing their own individual styles into the kitchen, and will be offering their tips, methods and exploring the approaches to their dishes in a discussion after each dinner. […]

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Grow a Pear: Go to the Plant Based Festival Coming to The Roundhouse

Have you picked an apple in the wild? Ever dug up a potato or wrung the neck of a chicken? Probably not. In 2018 we are, as a species, the most advanced than mankind has ever been (I know, I know, ‘but Donald Trump…’) and yet, at no time throughout history have we been so removed from the food we eat as we are today. Plant Life is the solution to all that. Coming to The Roundhouse, Plant Life is a festival that puts veg front and foremost. Going by Michael Pollan’s mantra “Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants” […]

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