A Beauty Editor Reveals What It’s Really Like To Lose Your Hair

I’m not here to talk about Team Will, Team Chris, Team politics, Team anything. But I am here to use the recent goings-on at The Oscars as a talking point to discuss my own hair struggles that is still very much present and raw. 

Until last week’s showdown, I realised that first-hand personal accounts of hair loss are rare to come across. It’s not a sexy subject and definitely not one that a beauty editor often brings to light. However, I want to share my own experience with you, so the many women that are struggling with hair loss and thinning, no longer feel alone nor ashamed.

Unlike before where I’d notice a gorgeous handbag swaying off someone’s shoulders in the street or comment on a friend’s beautiful dress, I now solely look at people’s hair. Strangers, friends, family members, my kids’ teachers, shop assistants, you name them, I’m staring. Comparing texture, length, condition, quality, colour, cut, THE LOT. It’s become a very unhealthy pass time, whereas before I’d be more likely to compare my dress size and my weight (also totally unhealthy but sadly the norm) yet all I care about now is my hair- and the lack of it and I’m completely obsessed with the heads of everyone around me, young and old. 

Having been through five healthy pregnancies, I have been very fortunate to have experienced that inner and outer pregnancy glow and hormonal boost that made the condition of my skin and hair pretty good for what was 13 years, on and off. And if I wasn’t pregnant, I was breastfeeding. So, my hair almost never had the opportunity to shed properly as I swiftly moved on to my next pregnancy, but boy is it making up for it now. 

Hair is a very emotional subject, particularly for women. It’s part of our identity, our sensuality, and our style. Working in the beauty industry has made me feel even more vulnerable. I no longer fit into the editor mould of having long glossy bouncy locks, instead I’ve had to cut my hair significantly shorter than I have ever wanted, I have flyways galore, broken hair that spikes out from everywhere – basically it’s a complete bird’s nest. I’ve been very thankful for colder days that meant I could hide my hair behind caps and hats without my hair being an issue. I’ve tried countless shampoos, conditioners, scalp serums, scalp oils, scalp tools, in a word, EVERYTHING! Can I see a real difference? If I’m truly honest, no, not really. But then I am repeatedly told by brands that I need to be patient. But my patience is running out and with every strand that falls off my hair and clogs up my shower drain, brings more frustration, embarrassment, and tears. 

Hair is a very emotional subject, particularly for women. It’s part of our identity, our sensuality, and our style.

I often scroll through my #BlusherandBabies Instagram feed to try and pinpoint a specific time that I began to lose my hair, like they’ll be some miraculous answer, but there isn’t.  Yet I’m also grateful for the pictures that sit on my grid as a reminder that I did once have a head of hair that I could style and show off. It was never thick or lustrous but instead thin and glossy, but I had lots of it. My ponytail is now non-existent. While raising young children and juggling my career, there was a time when the ‘mum bun’ was my go-to hair style for early morning work meetings. But my mum-bun is no longer and is more like a pig’s tail that sits cringey at the nape of my neck, hoping a high-collar will distract from the pathetic inch that’s tied low into a ponytail. 

Yes, I am still downing umpteen hair supplements (specifically biotin, iron, Vit D and B12), washing with all the “special” shampoos etc.., talking to every trichologist that I am fortunate enough to meet through work and researching hair loss and thinning to an abnormal extent. I have upped my intake of protein as I quickly learnt my erratic eating habits have a knock-on effect to the condition of my hair. As does stress (still unsure how to erase stress out of my life!) and Covid, well that was just extra bad luck for my hair (there’s a strong correlation between hair shedding and Covid). What I have learnt through my journey, which is no means finished yet, is that you never know how people are suffering whether this is through hair loss or similar. Judging, commenting, and gossiping only causes more damage – quite literally! It really doesn’t matter who’s team you’re on, what really matters is how you fee

Here are some of my trusted hair products, which I hope in time will get me the results I so badly crave. I’ll keep you posted….

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