Cannes and Sundance are all very well, but they’re lacking one important ingredient. They aren’t floating on a barge in an East London dock. And the red carpet is all the worse off for it.

But head to St Katherine’s Dock this November and December and you can make the most of a floating film festival and all the Chrsitmassy classics will be represented.

The event, which perhaps stretches it a little by calling itself a ‘Film Festival’ given Elf isn’t exactly Palme d’Or stuff, hits the historic docks on Monday 29th November and runs for six days, ending on Sunday 5th December.

Elf isn't exactly Palme d'Or stuff...

And it should be a great chance to get into the Chrsitmassy spirit, snuggled up with a glass of something hot and alcoholic while chuckling and repeating ‘light the lamp, not the rat’ to yourself.


The films will be accompanied with festive treats, so tuck into the mulled wine (or hot chocolate for the abstemious) and mouth along to Love Actually while munching mince pies to get the Christmas season started properly.

Mouth along to Love Actually while munching mince pies...

The festival will feature seating options including single deckchairs (£15) or snuggly sofas for two (£30) and the films shown are Love Actually, on Monday 29th November, Elf on the Tuesday, Home Alone on the Thursday (not sure what happened to Wednesday there), Home Alone 2: Lost In New York (the one with Donald Trump in it) on Friday, Arthur Christmas and Last Christmas as the matinee and evening shows on the Saturday and all rounded off with The Muppet Christmas Carol on Sunday 5th December.

To book, simply head to the St Katherine’s Dock page and click on the film you want to enjoy!

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