Who said twinkling lights were reserved for the festive season? Here to prove the Christmas theory wrong is Covent Garden’s giant new neon light installation, which glowed its way into the cultural hotspot last weekend. 

Last Thursday saw Covent Garden unveil a new art installation and it’s already racking up the Insta posts, TikTok ‘must visit’ videos and hashtags. 

Centred around the theme of love and identity, this large scale light festival is the latest from the British artist Chila Burman. You might recognise the name and design work from Tate Britain light takeover last winter, this season sees Burman draw on her Hindu Punjabi heritage through light sculptures and uplifting messages.

Running until the end of October, the installation, named Do You See Words In Rainbows?, will be taking over the South Hall and the Piazza. It’s inspired by Burman’s family history, Indian culture and feminist perspective, and will draw visitors from far and wide come together through love and light. 

Expect her signature bright statement designs, from peacocks and snakes to flowers and tigers, as well as positive affirmations and collages to fill the space. In the Market Building, there’s the neon purple words ‘do you see words in rainbows?’, a nod to the name of the project as well as Burman’s fun, creative side.

Expect her signature bright statement designs, from peacocks and snakes to flowers and tigers.

But the focal point in the Hall will of course be the floating neon octagon suspended from the ceiling of the Hall will also draw attention. Words Deluxe, Kismet, Fruity, Pyar hi Pyar, Razzle, Love, Shine and Light will be on display, all carefully selected by Burman to ignite a sense of community and positivity.

Over at the North Piazza, visitors will be able to see a giant white neon tiger sculpture and a pink neon message Look at you through their eyes and wonder what you see. This will illuminate the Market Building at the bottom of James Street. 

Centred around love and identity, both Burman and Covent Garden will be supporting the Albert Kennedy Trust during this September’s Pride, and Covent Garden will donate #1 to the trust for each people Instagramming with the hashtag #CoventGardenInRainbows. 

A fun afternoon out, pose in front of the installation and fall back in love with the city’s cultural side.

Chila Burman’s Do You See Words In Rainbows? Installation will be running until the end of October

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