These days, it’s a pretty good time to be a murder mystery fan. True crime murder podcasts are hugely popular, TV shows like Making A Murderer and I’ll Be Gone In The Dark abound, and there’s been plenty of cinematic murder stories in recent years like The Girl On The Train and the upcoming Agatha Christie adaptation Death On The Nile.

Speaking of Agatha Christie, one of the most famous whodunnits is Murder On The Orient Express, and if you’ve always wanted to experience your own macabre locomotive adventure, then you’ll want to check out the immersive experience The Murder Express, which is running until 27th February from Funicular Productions.

You’ll join the titular train’s conductor and a cast of “pleasure-seeking passengers” as they embark on the journey of a lifetime. The train carriage will consist of 8 booths which can seat 8 guests each, and the experience lasts for around 2 hours. You’ll be able to access a bar beforehand, and then the show will really begin.

It's a pretty good time to be a murder mystery fan...

The murder plot is set in the early 20th century, and you’ll need to try and solve what happened. As the night unfolds, there’ll be strange goings on and odd characters popping up to tell this mystery tale. Expect plenty of campy acting and tongue in cheek humour from the cast of eccentric and strange characters.

Expect plenty of campy acting and tongue in cheek humour...

Of course, all this drama and sleuthing is enough to make anyone feel peckish, which is where the other element of the experience comes in: the food. Over the course of the evening, you’ll be fed from a menu designed by Masterchef finalist Louisa Ellis, with the courses featuring beetroot tartare, braised blade of beef and buttermilk panna cotta. There are also vegan options on the menu as alternatives.

However, the fun doesn’t stop in February: a few weeks later,  in March, the crew will be back for a new show aboard the Murder Express. This one is called Jewel of the Empire, and features much of the same basic idea and actors, and an earlier production of it was done a few years ago. The plot involves a stolen diamond, some mysterious new characters and, well, murder. This new show will also feature a brand new menu for the evening.

In March, the crew will be back for a new show...

So, if you’re in the mood for a bit of murder mystery sleuthing, alongside a four course meal, then The Murder Express is definitely a strong bet. The current show will continue its run until 26nd February, and then the new Jewel of the Empire show will arrive in March. Just try to make sure you’re not the murderer.


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