The fairy tale classic Beauty and the Beast is coming to the West End this year, after touring around the country.

The musical version of the show has gotten critical acclaim with its updated version of the Disney classic, telling the story of Belle and the Beast that audiences over the years have grown to love. It’s coming to the iconic London Palladium in June, so it’s sure to be spectacular.

After the huge success of Disney’s Beauty and the Beast in the early 90s, the film was adapted for the stage later that same decade, and this Broadway version became a similarly huge hit. It’s now been reimagined with the latest theatrical innovations for this new production, and the word “spellbinding” couldn’t be more apt. The music will be as good as ever, the dance arrangements and choreography has been revamped, and the overall production has been restyled to be be faithful but modern.

Of course, a Disney story isn’t complete without great songs, and Beauty and the Beast has them in spades. This musical version retains the biggest numbers from the film, such as the Oscar winning title song, “Belle”, “Gaston”, and “Be Our Guest”. All of the songs are brilliantly brought to life by the cast and effects, and it’s unlikely you’ll find singing and dancing clocks and candles done as well here anywhere else in London.

If you’re not too familiar with Beauty and The Beast compared to other Disney classics (or just need a refresh), the plot is pretty simple: The young protagonist Belle swaps herself for her father who has been imprisoned in a castle by the mysterious Beast, a prince who has been cursed a life of imprisonment and the appearance of a feral creature. Both Belle and the Beast find themselves enjoying each other’s company overtime, and the Beast must learn to earn Belle’s love in order to lift his curse.

The cast includes Shaq Taylor as The Beast, who joins Courtney Stapleton (who has been performing on the tour to critical acclaim) as Belle, with Tom Senior as Gaston and Nigel Richards as Cogsworth. The lyrics from the film and original Broadway production by Howard Ashman and longtime Andrew Lloyd Webber collaborator Tim Rice return. As mentioned above, the touring version has seen strong critical reviews, and so the Palladium should ensure this will be the best staging of it yet.

Beauty and The Beast is a classic of fairy tale storytelling, and this new stage version brings the Disney original to new heights. The design looks particularly impressive and gets as close to the animated original as you possibly can. With all the best loved songs in the mix, you can’t go wrong for a family night out- so be sure to secure your ticket now.


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