How sustainable really are you? Sure, you might have swapped your plastic toothbrush for a bamboo alternative, ditched your water bottle for a reusable one and eradicated makeup wipes from your skincare routine altogether, but there’s a whole lot more we can be doing to help tackle the plastic crisis that we’re still struggling globally with.

And it’s the ocean that’s really taking the brunt of our overconsumption of plastic. According to Plastic Oceans, ten million tons of plastic are dumped into the ocean each year – for those who need to imagine what that looks like, it equates to more than a garbage truck worth being loaded into the ocean, every single minute. As a result, one million marine animals are killed annually and it’s said that the average human consumes over 40 pounds of plastic (through fish, water and other ways) in their lifetime, which is just really, really disturbing.

On a mission to help put this all into perspective is the Blue Paradox, an immersive experience on the ocean plastic crisis, and it’s arriving in London next month. 

Taking place 15th – 27th September, the Blue Paradox will take over Exhibition London, and will take its visitors on an educational sensory trip highlighting the effects of the ocean plastic crisis and how we can help.

It’s been created by SC Johnson, a family company with a long-term commitment to the environment, and they are working in partnership with Conservation International, to help tackle this paradox.

An educational sensory trip highlighting the effects of the ocean plastic crisis and how we can help.

Through 360 degree digital projections, the free experience is set to put it into perspective how the ocean is suffering and the issues of the overconsumption of plastic is having on the ocean bed and it’s animals. 

Just by attending, visitors can help out the ecosystems as for every visitor, a donation will be made to help tackle this ocean plastic crisis. It’s set to be educational and a really important experience that’ll leave you wanting to help out in every way possible. 

It’s free to attend but bookings are necessary. Book your tickets here.

The Blue Paradox pitches up at Exhibition London from 15th – 27th September 2021 

Exhibition London, Ariel way, White City, W12 7SL

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