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The Handbook

Working from home and losing the motivation that keeps you plodding along? Whack on the kettle, munch through your morning granola and march through the week with these seven killer playlists that are guaranteed to get the creative juices flowing. 

From throwback classics to acoustic favourites, pop these playlists on and get ready to take on whatever this first full week of lockdown throws at you.

Monday: Duvet Days

Ease into the first full week of lockdown with this uber laidback playlist, Duvet Day. It’s perfect for starting off your week on the right track, whether you’re lazing around, sleepily getting through Zoom meetings or cosying up with a book on the sofa. 

Relax to the sound of Phoebe Bridgers, The Japanese House, Big Thief and Jay Som. Despite the fact we popped this playlist on and blissfully fell into a deep nap last weekend, it’s got enough soft beat to tap along to while on your computer all day. 

Coming in at a solid three hours, you can really slip into the working week without letting the pressures build up. Leave that for after lunchtime…

Tuesday: Post-Punk, New Wave, Synthpop, Gothic

We all want to feel like we are walking into an underground nightclub for the first time in a coming of age film… Just me? Put on your headphones, blast this out loud and let your angst wash away as the synths and sad lyrics pulse through you. 

Relive the 80s with tunes from The Cure, The Smiths and New Order, and Curt Smith’s intoxicating lyrics in the original release of Mad World.

Wednesday: Acoustic Room

If you can get through hump day you can get through anything, right? Appease your woes and get your head down with newbies and old time classic acoustic beats with Spotify’s Acoustic Room playlist. 

With a wealth of 400k followers, the playlist is constantly updated but right now features favourites from Taylor Swift’s new album, Folklore, as well as hits from Conan Gray, James Bay and The 1975. Nice.

Thursday: Top Hits from 2001

As predictable as it is, you can’t make it to Thursday and not blast your room with throwback hits. Crank the speakers up, annoy your partner who’s on a Zoom meeting and throw it back to 2001, the year of big hits from Destiny’s Child, Gwen Stefani, Eminem and Gorillaz. 

You might want to pop this one on later on in the day because once it’s pelting through the speakers, you’re guaranteed to not be able to stop singing along. It’s amazing how many of the lyrics come flooding back to your memory as soon as a certain beat drops. 

Friday: Songs To Sing In The Shower

It seems that this Spotify playlist is a crowd pleaser, what with 5.7 million followers reaching for this when showering. 

Largely continuing on the throwback front, begin your Friday the right way with everything from Tracy Chapman’s Fast Car to Fleetwood Mac’s Little Lies and Dexy Midnight Runner’s Come On, Eileen to more recent hits, including Harry Styles’ Watermelon Sugar.

Saturday: Indie Pop

Taking it down a notch, because let’s face it, Saturday’s just don’t have the same edge like they did pre-lockdown. 

Spotify’s Indie Pop is another that’s updated on a weekly basis, but expect tunes from Fenne Lily, London Grammar, FINNEAS and Maggie Rogers. Pop this on in the background and mix up one of those lockdown cocktails you’ve been gagging for all week.

Sunday: Fresh Beats

Close your eyes and imagine you’re listening to this one in your favourite East London coffee shop, bursting at the seams with house plants, industrial interiors and the familiar waft of coffee lingering through the air. Recreate the vibe at home and relax to everyone from Jake Jurant to Pelicano.

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