You’re feeling pretty smug right, aren’t you? Shorts, t-shirt, extra-long extension cable and table dragged from the kitchen to your garden to soak up the rays and achieve maximum #WFHgoals. All you’d need now would be the ping of a bananabread batch finishing and an alert that your final unit of that begininner’s Japanese course is available to be in sheer home-office bliss.

Well maybe don’t leave your Macbook exposed to the elements when you pop in to knead your sourdough, it’s gonna pour. Like ark style.

Photo Credit: BBC

According to the Met Office we’ve been having too much of a good thing. And let’s face it, secretly we knew we were pushing our luck.

25 degree heat for days on end, over a weekend when the football’s on, who did we think we were kidding?

25 degree heat for days on end, over a weekend when the football's on, who did we think we were kidding?

London is never better than in the sun. The whole capital looks and feels like it’s loosened its collective belt a notch, put on an out-of-office and just let everything chill.

But the weather gods are angry and despite our sacrifices of un-suncreamed pasty legs, of sticky sleepless nights (and not in the good way) and sweat patches they plan to have their vengeance this Thursday, in the Special Delivery slot when your brand new AC Unit gets delivered.

But the weather gods are angry...

We’ve got two inches of rainfall win the space of just an hour or two to look forward to (that is a hulla lot of water).

As well as the risk of flooding in some parts of the country, The Met Office are also briefing us that power cuts, terrible driving conditions and damage caused by lightning strikes, hail and strong winds.

According to the weathermen, “Although there remains significant uncertainty in location and timing, areas of thunderstorms are expected to move northeast across parts of England and Wales from late Wednesday through to Friday morning.

“Whilst not all locations will be affected, some intense thunderstorms may occur during this period with torrential rain, hail, frequent lightning and strong gusty winds possible.

Anyone fancy joining me in building an ark?

But every cloud has a silver-lining, and this one is no exception. It means we’ve another couple of days to make the absolute most of the temperatures given this weekend’s looking like a washout.

Anyone fancy joining me in building an ark?

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