Mayfair club Annabel’s has once again transformed its front facade for the month of December. After several great designs this year, including a parrot rainforest and a giant clown, the club is getting festive in the run up to Christmas. In previous years, the exclusive club has adorned itself with giant Christmas trees, this year it’s gone for a gingerbread design.

We’ve already covered London’s huge gingerbread city this year, and while this design isn’t made of real ginger, Annabel’s new festive display is still incredibly impressive and detailed. It’s made up of thousands upon thousands of gingerbread coloured crystals, fibreglass icing cream and emeralds. It’s a huge, glittering spectacle that’ll dazzle your eyeballs.

The crystals, incase you’re wondering, are made by Swarvoski, and the Austrian jeweller’s presence is felt all over the design. Their iconic swan logo appears across the upper windows, and a huge green bow with their name (and Annabel’s) is placed just above the entrance to envelop you as you walk in through the front doors.

The crystals, incase you're wondering, are made by Swarvoski...

There’s also candy canes, humbug sweets and lots of lovely icing designs elsewhere on the facade. Santa himself is also in the gingery mix, gift sack in hand, waving you in merrily next to the front steps. Even the Annabel’s doormen (who’ll also greet you) are attired in festive outfits. There’s more on the inside, too: giant hanging candy canes, gingerbread houses (miniature ones), and a centrepiece Christmas tree.



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Commenting on the Christmas design, Tatiana Kharchylava, Annabel’s Creative Director, said: “The holiday season is a glorious time of year at Annabel’s as it encapsulates all that we love at the Club. After a year of not being able to celebrate, we are overjoyed to be partnering with Swarovski to create our most ambitious and ornate spectacle to date. Bringing our two brand’s worlds together, the façade will shine bright over Berkeley Square as a beacon of light sparking joy.”

Santa himself is also in the gingery mix, gift sack in hand, waving you in merrily next to the front steps...

Of course, Annabel’s will be throwing a number of Christmas events over the December period, with a Winter Wonderland that features “Ice Wizards and Glitterbelles on stilts, Jugglers, L.E.D Ballerinas, and a fully animated Arctic Polar Bear.” Also currently taking place is the club’s very first Christmas Fair which allows club members to shop in the comfort of Annabel’s. In addition, 10% of all sales will go towards The Caring Family Foundation’s Food From The Heart campaign, providing meals for those most in need.

Also currently taking place is the club's very first Christmas Fair...


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Christmas at Annabel’s looks to be a lot of fun this year with all of the festive events lined up, and topped off by the amazing gingerbread design over its front. The club’s website also teases their New Year’s Eve party, which you can register interest for right now. Given the work and detail put into the gingerbread house, it’s sure to be a festive bonanza.


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