From the limited-run outdoor theatrical adaptation of The Railway Children to the brilliant art and performance festival to catch this summer, these are the seven top things on our see, watch and do list this month. 

The Culture Fix is an edit of our favourite new launches, TV releases and events happening in London. It’s a space to inspire the month ahead, whether you’re on the hunt for new exhibitions or a new show to binge through. Read on to find out our August favourites.

The Must-See Exhibition: In the Black Fantastic

Looking for a new exhibition to spark your interest? Venture over to the Southbank Centre this month to dive into In the Black Fantastic, a new exhibition centred around myth, science fiction, spiritual traditions and the legacy of Afrofuturism.

On display until mid-September, the exhibition sees 11 contemporary artists from the African diaspora come together to draw on these themes and recontextualise them into the 21st century. Explored through painting, photography, video, sculpture and mixed-media installations, it is an immersive experience that sits somewhere between the real world and a multiplicity of imagined ones. Viewers are invited to think and reflect through the creative and cultural liberation addressed, and are offered new perspectives on ‘addressing racism and social injustice by conjuring new ways of being in the world’.

Until 18.09.2022

The New Theatre Show To See: The Railway Children 

Based on the notorious E. Nesbit’s novel, The Hawth’s production of The Railway Children will be as charming as the century old story. 

The performance will follow siblings Roberta, Phyllis and Peter as they have to leave London and create a new life with their mother in rural Yorkshire. Watch as their love for each other grows and new adventures arise, and see the mystery of why their father remains away from home.

It’s part of The Hawth’s outdoor season of performances in the outdoor woodland amphitheatre. Bring your raincoats just in case the weather doesn’t hold out.

Production Date: 21.08.2022

The Film We’re Excited For: Nope 

Jordan Peele returns with another horror film starring his favourite, Daniel Kaluuya. Nope follows two siblings who own a California horse ranch. It’s here that they discover something unusual lurking in the sky above and what they think is a UFO… 

Combining elements of science fiction with horror, expect this to be packed with a brilliant cast, including Keke Palmer, Steven Yeun, Michael Wincott, Barbie Ferreira and Brandon Perea.

Release Date: 12.08.2022

The Event To Book: Greenwich + Docklands Festival 

Returning this August is the Greenwich + Docklands International Festival. Celebrating its 27th year, Greenwich will be packed out with events going on over August and September.

Expect free outdoor performances from some of the world’s rising stars and installations, including street theatre and voguing from the House of Oak and Iron; an immersive playground with The Sky is Filled with Thunder; and Charon, a giant 32ft high rotating zoetrope with posed skeletons on the edge.

DATES: 26.08.2022 – 11.09.2022

The Book Everyone’s Talking About: How to Live When You Could Be Dead – Deborah James

When you’re handed bad news, it’s easy to ask yourself ‘why me’? Why did it have to be me? How to Live When You Could Be Dead will take you on a journey of self discovery in the wake of bad news. 

The book is written by journalist and podcaster Deborah James, who at the age of 35 was ‘blindsided by incurable bowel cancer’ and had an 8% chance of survival but still, five years later is alive. She shares her journey and notes how her attitude transitioned overnight to living life each day as if you don’t have a tomorrow.  

Plus, £3 per book sold in the UK goes directly to Bowelbabe Fund for Cancer Research UK.

Release date: 18.08.2022

The New TV Series To Binge: Bad Sisters 

What do you do when you hate your sister’s partner? Kill him, or at least take action… 

Created by comedian Sharon Horgn and Malin-Sarah Gozin, Bad Sisters is a brand new Apple TV series that follows the lives of the Garvey sisters, who are bound together by the premature death of their parents and promise to always look out for one another. So when they notice one of their sisters is being treated terribly by her partner they are forced to take control of the situation. The result? A blood bath comedy thriller turned murder mystery unfolds.

Release Date: 19.08.2022

The New Podcast To Listen To: Fed Up 

Hosted by Casey Wilson, Fed Up is a brand new podcast centred around influencer Emily Gellis who notices a trendy diet has been circulating the internet and it’s riddled with terrible side effects. The diet in question? The F-Factor Diet founded by Tanya Zuckerbrot. 

The podcast deep dives into the issues surrounding the exposé, from the beginning of the feud and its trolls to the lawyers and national media coverage that it garners.

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