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Among the sourdough starters and Netflix binges art has become a touching way for us to understand and remember these strange times we’re living through.

From Banksy’s new tribute to the NHS to the rainbow drawings collectively placed in windows around the country, there will be many emotive images that will remind us of this time when we look back.

Now, a collective of up and coming UK artists are giving something back too, as new social enterprise, #DrawForNHS launches. The creative initiative is bringing together the talent of artists and illustrators by asking them to create limited-edition, original print collections and from seeing the first pieces they are a sure fire way to sparking some joy into these unsettling times.

Not only will 100% of profits be donated to the NHS frontline but each piece is priced at a very reasonable £20. Young and fledgling artists they might be now, but it’s quite likely some of these are soon to be sought after names in the art world.

Marylou Faure

The first releases include work from cult names like  Catarina Bianchini, and Phaedra Peer, both of whom have burgeoning Instagram followings and a wealth of other artists and illustrators, with themes running from obvious lockdown imagery like rainbows and key workers to the more abstract.

Kate Binn
Jennifer Louise Martin

Highlights include Marylou Faure’s 60s-inspired floral print, Kate Binn’s slogan ‘Strange Times’ piece and Jennifer Louise Martin’s fashion magazine collage-esque work.  Sam Sutaria, Co-Founder of DrawFor said of the initiative, “We launched the DrawForNHS campaign to try and spread a little colour and creativity in the community during this difficult time. The response we’ve seen so far has been amazing.”

Daisy Bernard
Madeleine Sava

Throughout the campaign, DrawFor will continue to open its doors to artists, designers and illustrators to contribute to the campaign’s series of original prints. Artists can sign up via the social enterprise’s website, DrawFor​.org,​ if they are keen to be involved.

Whichever you choose, they’re all incredibly affordable, give something back and will be an eternal reminder of these times once they have passed. Plus, we could all use some colour and something pretty to look at during lockdown.


View gallery online at DrawFor​.org ​| £20 per print

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