If there’s one thing we’ve noticed since being in lockdown, it’s that every millennial across the globe cannot get enough of banana bread. Everywhere you look you’ll find at least 10 snaps on your social feed of Melissa, Josie and Sara’s banana bread creations. And, so because it’s so evident that you all love baking so much, we’ve rounded up all of the baking equipment we’re currently lusting over.

From rose gold brownie tins to kitty measuring cups, Smeg’s Dolce & Gabbana stand mixer to unicorn cookie cutters, here’s 34 baking must-haves for any millennial baker.

Perfect Your Banana Bread With These Kitchenware Essentials

What’s better than cake? More cake!

Life really is batter with cake so why not put your baking skills to the test while we’re all self-isolating and perfect the art of the fluffiest, Insta-worthy cake?

We’ve handpicked our ten favourite kitchenware essentials to help you master the art of the cake. Aid yourself with one of KitchenAid’s stand mixers, or splurge your month’s salary on Smeg’s Dolce & Gabbana range.

If you’re looking for something a little more affordable but still want something that’ll help you feel inspired in the kitchen, we absolutely love Marian collection at Anthropologie thanks to its floral design and these kitty measuring cups are absolutely everything.

Perfect Pastry Purchases

If you’re really wanting to put your cookery skills to the test, you’ll want to try your hand at pastry. From finicky filo parcels to blending the butter to help put the ‘puff’ into puff pastry, these are our four pastry must-haves.

Stop using an old wine bottle and invest in a proper, sturdy rolling pin. We love this natural stone marble one that comes with a cute wooden holder.

Another must-purchase for the pastry enthusiasts is investing in a pastry blender. This handy tool will help you mix your butter into the pastry dough.

And, if you really fancy going to town on your pastry purchases, a pastry cutter is essential too (or, you can just use a knife or pizza cutter…)

Channel Your Inner Cookie Monster With These Cutters

Baking doesn’t get much cutter than when you have to whack out a biscuit cutter. From dinosaurs to Easter bunnies, here’s a few adorable cutters we’d love to use. Plus, you obviously need a biscuit tin too, so here’s a few simple ones to peruse.

The Bread Accessories On The Rise…

Following on from banana bread, it seems millennials can’t get enough of a good ol’ loaf of bread.

Whether you’ve got the patience to begin the fermentation process needed for sourdough, or you just want to whack out a quick two ingredient loaf, here’s everything you’ll need to perfect the premium rise.

Ready, steady, bake!

Get Creative And Decorate

If your cake hasn’t risen or you’ve got a few too many cracks, you’ll need to invest in a good ol’ piping bag and ice it to victory. Or, if you’re lagging and need a helping hand, there’s plenty of readymade decorations that’ll do just as good a job, if not better.

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