Why You Need The World’s First Beard Growth Kit?

There will be a day when we’re no longer working from home; when we have to don suits once again, re-learn to knot neckties and remember how to deploy an Oyster card. But leaving our caveman lockdown existence and swiftly evolving into an international man of style and fashion will take some lifestyle tweaks, swapping mammoth meat for Pret Sandwiches and the scraggly beard for something sculpted and suitable for presentations to the board.

Whether you’ve spent lockdown tending to a giant shaggy mane of a beard, or you’re getting pangs of clean-shaven jealousy at your colleagues’ facial hair on every Zoom call, you’re going to need this product, The Beard Growth Kit from Copenhagen Grooming.

Clinically proven to increase beard density by 55%, increase hair thickness by 10% and activate new facial hairs, the Beard Growth Kit is a must-have for beard growers the nation over.

The Beard Roller

How does rolling your face with 540 tiny titanium needles sound? Well think again, it’s the future… Anyone looking to grow a beard will want to harness The Beard Roller’s cutting edge technology, it’s proven to increase blood circulation and stimulate follicles vital to help grow an even beard. The gadget creates microscopic channels and activates the body’s healing process to maximise absorption of Copenhagen Grooming’s products.

And if you’re already full-on Gandalf in the facial hair department, this is still you too. A patchy beard or one with bald patches isn’t unavoidable, The roller will help even out that beard and maximise beard health.

The Activator

If you drive a car you put petrol in it (unless it’s a diesel, in which case you’ve now got to call the AA and have the whole thing syphoned out. I’ve been there, it’s not pretty). Well similarly, this is the fuel for your beard, and it’s essential.

Beard scientists (they’re a thing) have harnessed the power of capilla longa, created from a naturally occurring subtropical plant that boosts beard growth, and this is included in the Activator along with Arginine and Biotin, both well known to stimulate hair growth. Simply apply to the recently beard rolled skin and watch the magic (slowly) happen.

The World’s First Beard Growth Kit

Putting it all together is the world’s first beard growth kit. Perfect for the man who wants to have the best beard on the block, to be the talk of the office and basically a beard legend, Copenhagen Grooming’s Beard Growth Kit is unique as the ideal purchase for beard growers. The kit comes with the Beard Roller and the Activator, along with a funky beard comb and a cleanser to keep the roller in perfect condition. Everything you could possibly need, all in one place.

Beards are the must-have accessory of 2020, but getting it right is key to totally owning the process. You can’t go wrong with Copenhagen Grooming…



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