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“Join The Handbook’s bespoke venues’ marketing programme and access a decade’s worth of The Handbook’s proven digital marketing tactics and frameworks.

The Handbook’s bespoke marketing programme is the only resource you’ll need to turn your venue into a thriving business. Get your venue instantly seen by 83,000 targeted newsletter members and 7,000 daily website visitors.

Read on to see how we can work with you to achieve your goals…”

Elly Stancliffe, CEO and Founder

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We value your time and our relationship. The fact that you’re reading this right now means you are interested in featuring your venue or company on The Handbook and are curious to know more about how we can help you.

You have questions and I have answers, whether or not we can help you achieve 100% of your goals, we don’t know yet…

So, let’s handle that first.

You’re currently facing one or more of these issues in your business:

  • You have great things happening at your venue, but lack a really targeted resource to feature this news
  • You struggle to find great ways of getting people to hear about all the things going on at your venue
  • You have spent lots of money on marketing, SEO and PR and are not seeing results
  • You have quieter times which you are looking to get booked
  • You have a great space and need as many people as possible to know about it
  • You need help scaling out what you do

Do you identify with any of the issues or goals above?

If so, you should keep reading, but let’s make sure it’s right for you.

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Who is The Handbook for?

  • Great venues who want to grow more customers and increase profits
  • Venues that want to grow their editorial content and raise their profile amongst a targeted audience (83,000 newsletter subscribers)
  • Venues looking to use lead generation to grow their business and those that want access to a wealth of industry contacts
  • Marketing directors that are willing to keep us posted with their news and want to see their business grow
  • Venues that either have a PR department or their own in house PR or marketing, we can then work with them, using our platform to market all of their news. If you don’t have PR or marketing, we can help with produce content and stories that we know will work

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Who is The Handbook not for?

  • Chain restaurants. The Handbook has very high standards and are very selective about who we work with, we choose the most bespoke companies only
  • Retail business owners (we love you, but we are not the right platform!)
  • Small companies that don’t have the required marketing materials for us to market them, we require strong images and registered company information

How do you we for sure The Handbook strategies will work for us?

  • The Handbook helps over 650 similar companies grow their business, working with the most exclusive companies such as Rhubarb catering, the Soho House group and The Savoy.
  • 89% of our suppliers renew. They renew because they get results.

Rather than tell you myself I’m going to illustrate this by showing other venues and suppliers we work with:

But here’s what we need you to understand about The Handbook. None of this would be possible without learning and implementing specific marketing tactics and we only implement these tactics with the right venues. Where most of our competitors fail is they feature too many places not relevant to their audience, which devalues their brand and the customer experience. They lose focus and try to feature everyone. This doesn’t work.

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Want to know what works?

Carefully forming partnerships with the right venues, using proven marketing tactics and producing really great content for those venues. Because guess what? You should never stop having great news and great things going on at your venues so we can market this for you.

Once we have your profile live, your job is to take action and keep us posted with all you have going on at your venue. This is what will put you in our 5% of top performing venues. We know it works because we’ve helped countless venues do the same thing, in fact over the years we’ve worked with hundreds of great venues across London.

Every day our team works tirelessly to build a great list of members – to date we have 83,000 members across London that get our newsletter and engage with it, and we attract 7,000 visitors every day to our site to see what it is we do. If marketing was a science (which we believe it is), then we’ve been testing these methods in the laboratory like a mad scientist for over a decade!

It works for other venues but will it work for us?

If that thought has ever crossed your mind, then you are sabotaging your venue! The reality is if it works for them it will work for you, if you have content we can write about. When something doesn’t work it doesn’t mean it’s broken. It means we need to ‘pivot’ or ‘iterate’ or ‘shift’ e.g. if we cover one story for you and readers don’t engage as well then with the next we try a different hook and angle. If you have engaging content you will see results. If you don’t have engaging content we will help create it.

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The Handbook is a lot of money for us, how do I know it’s worth it?

When I first set up The Handbook aged 23, we had spent a lot of money on a marketing agency and SEO which did not deliver results. SEO has changed over the years and so have Google’s algorithms, but one thing that has always stayed the same is that ‘Content is King’, and great content on relevant sites with good page ranks is worth its weight in gold. If we are writing great content for you, you will see results. This will also link to your profile on The Handbook and amplify your online presence across our site, meaning you are being seen by the people that actually matter.

How do you know for sure The Handbook’s strategies will work for us?

We’ve helped hundreds of similar venues implement the exact same strategies – we have an 89% renewal rate amongst our venues.

When you join The Handbook you will get access to my team of marketing experts, editors, and a thriving community of potential customers. A lot of our competitors charge thousands of pounds for a much smaller reach and far less online marketing.

Finally, no one else has the access to such a thriving database of users who love finding out the best London has to offer. It has taken us 13 years to build up this reach, and offer what is in this programme.

The total cost of enrolling onto our programme is just £995+ VAT and covers the below key benefits:

Key benefits of The Handbook:

  • Market your news more effectively to our 83,000 members, 7,000 daily visitors and 36,000 combined social media audience
  • Generate more events bookings and increase footfall via your venue’s full profile page listed under ‘Venues for Hire’ and ‘Places to Go Out’
  • Improve your reputation and build your profile more quickly through marketing of your news and content e.g. editorial features such as ‘10 of London’s most Instagrammable Venues’
  • Market your features, in-house events and offers to The Handbook’s audience
  • Amplify your social media strategy and engage with your target audience better
  • Access to over 7,000 industry leads and events contacts
  • Keep more abreast of trends shaping and driving the industry through our daily email

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What is the cost of not taking action right now?

Lost customers, lost profits,stress and so much more. If you have great material great things going on at your venue, then can you really afford to turn down our reach of 83,000 members?

If your venue could benefit from better branding, better online presence and better knowledge of its excellence, then you need to take enormous actions to get results.

We really hope to work with you and watch your venue grow and start covering your news and take things to the next level.

If you have any questions relating to this then do let me know.

To register your interest in getting on board please click here.

Elly Stancliffe x

P.S. Check out what our venues say about us:

“The Handbook is an excellent resource which we use for promoting all of our venues. It brings in increased events bookings and exposure – there is nothing else quite like it and we renew annually.”
Mark Fuller, Restauranter and Hotellier

“We list a number of our D&D venues on The Handbook. It’s a brilliant resource for getting us events bookings from high profile clients.”
Amanda Dobinson, Marketing Director, D&D London

“Thanks so much for the amazing coverage, we have received a number of enquiries and bookings off the back of it.”
Alvin Caudwell, Head of Press, Caprice Holdings

“Thanks again for the review and the mail-out on Wednesday, it definitely worked as we have had loads of calls from guests booking tables and 8 new events booking enquiries! Great work and big thanks to The Handbook team.”
Jorge Santos, Marketing Operations, Maxwell’s Restaurant Group

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