The nation’s battle is nearing a climax, a combination of government, civil servants, the NHS, the army, someone called Kate Bingham and myriad community groups have come together to fight against it, but finally we have WFH on the ropes. The global Work From Home epidemic will end just the moment that the link between covid infections and hospitalisation and death is broken. And today we moved a step closer to being back in the office, back on the crammed tube carriage and never sat at our kitchen tables taking a Zoom call ever again. 25 year olds are being vaccinated!

Covid has tragically claimed the lives of millions world wide and around 160,000 here in the UK. Our two defences against it are lockdowns and vaccines. But if you’re younger than 50 then you’re equally likely to have suffered from a year without socialising, without the support of friends and colleagues or without the usual outlets like gyms or pubs, in short our collective mental health has taken a battering. Which makes today’s announcement all the more significant.

Yesterday Health Secretary Matt Hancock announced that the vaccine drive has been extended to anyone aged 25-30, which means that the country is well ahead of our aim to vaccinate everyone by the end of July and, crucially appears to be having a profound effect on the effect of the Delta, or Indian, Variant which is spreading fast but as yet seems to be sparing victims visits to hospital.

Which means that the country is well ahead of our aim to vaccinate everyone by the end of July...

The flip side to twenty-somethings being jabbed now is that the most vulnerable population, those over 50, are pretty much all double-vaxxed. Which is also a key victory in our fight against covid.

So how do you get your precious prick? Assuming you’re registered with a GP then you should be getting a text pretty imminently, but if you’re understandably hasty why not either book online or call 119 (there are other options if you’re in Northern Ireland or Scotland).

You should be getting a text pretty imminently...

You’ll most likely receive your injection from Pfizer or Moderna, as both of these are seen as preferential to the AstraZeneca vaccine in under-40s.

And if you’re lucky you might even get to check out one of London’s quirkier vaccine locations.

The main thing, though, is that you’ll be part of the biggest collective national effort since the war, doing your part to break the chain of transmission that has put hundreds of thousands in hospital and has left the rest of us WFHing for a year.

Hello vaccine! Hello normality!

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