Scrolling endlessly through Netflix and Amazon Prime on the hunt for a new series or film to devour? We’ve all been there… 

The pandemic has taken a toll on our watching patterns. These days we’re on the hunt for anything that’ll transport us away from the uncertainty of the outside world and into an abyss of imagination, whether that’s a cheesy Netflix original or a new and tempting psychological thriller series. 

If you’re searching for yet another new show or film to demolish, here are our picks of Netflix and Amazon Prime’s new releases.


News of the World

You know any film with Tom Hanks in it is going to have a big ol’ budget and Netflix’s latest blockbuster, News of the World, is no exception. 

Directed by Paul Greengrass, News of the World sees Hanks star as Captain Jefferson Kyle Kidd, a Civil War veteran who is a bit of a lost soul, travelling from town to town scouring the news. His journey, however, takes an unconventional turn as he travels across Texas in the hope of delivering an orphaned girl, played by Helena Zengel, to a new home. 

Crime Scene: The Vanishing at the Cecil Hotel

Whether you love them or loathe them, you can’t help but become engrossed in Netflix’s true crime documentaries and this month’s fix is courtesy of Crime Scene: The Vanishing at the Cecil Hotel. 

The four-part series delves deep into Los Angeles’ famed Cecil Hotel following the mysterious disappearance of fellow guest, Elisa Lam. Brought to you from the creator of The Ted Bundy Tapes, the true crime documentary searches for answers and outcomes as to why Cecil Hotel had such the lethal reputation it did, and how Elisa’s body ended up inside a water tank on the hotel roof.

Once you’ve devoured this, search for other true crime documentaries here. 

To All the Boys: Always and Forever

Over the last few years we’ve been silently rooting for Lara Jane (Lana Condor) and her relationship with high school sweetheart, Peter Kavinsky (Noah Centineo) in the Netflix trilogy film series, To All The Boys. 

See the trilogy come to an end as the final film, To All The Boys: Always and Forever is released. Become engulfed as Lara and Peter enter their senior year of high school, a year that sees Lara return from a family fun trip to Korea and rush back to decide if she wants to whisk herself away to college alongside Peter or break his heart and go on without him.

Behind Her Eyes

One for the psychological thriller fiends, Netflix’s Behind Her Eyes follows a single mother who begins a whirlwind and manipulated secret affair with her psychiatrist employer. As with all affairs, it’s not as straightforward as it first seems, as Adele (Eve Hewson) soon forms a friendship with his wife. 

Each hour long episode in the six part series will have you gripped to your seats, wondering where poor Adele went so wrong.

Malcolm & Marie

Born out of lockdown, Malcolm & Marie stars Zendaya and John David Washington. Directed by Sam Levinson, the film follows a filmmaker, Malcolm and his girlfriend Marie as they return home from a red carpeted Hollywood movie premier. Their relationship is lush, fiery and ferocious, but can it stand the test of time? 

Certainly up there for winning an award or two, from best directed to best starring role, when award season hits.

Amazon Prime


Owen Wilson and Salma Hayek star in Mike Cahill’s latest science fiction drama, Bliss, a film that follows a mind-altering love story. Greg (Wilson) is going through a rough patch; he’s recently divorced and has just been fired, when he meets a captivating woman, Isabel (Hayek) who he falls in love with and manages to convince him the world they are living in is a computer simulation. Follow as Greg pieces together the right, the wrong and the in between parts of this confusing, brutal and fragile world.

I Care A Lot

Welcome Rosamund Pike as your latest style obsession, as she stars in the new J Blakeson’s I Care A Lot. Arriving on Amazon Prime this Friday, Rosamund stars as Marla Grayson, the ultimate hustler, a self-confessed badass and fiery ‘lioness’. 

Marla is known in the business as a court-appointed legal guardian, who makes a living from persuading the elderly to hand over their rights to her and having them pay her for her time. Only she ends up in the wrong hands as an elderly woman she’s trying to hustle isn’t falling for it.

Release Date: 19th February
Stream on Amazon Prime

The Map of Tiny Perfect Things

If you love Groundhog Day and Edge of Tomorrow, Ian Samuels’ The Map of Tiny Perfect Things is the teenage dream version of it all. 

Starring Kyle Allen as Mark and Kathryn Newton as Margaret, The Map of Tiny Perfect Things follows the pair as they meet and adjust to their new normal in a world that allows them to relive each day but only the pair are aware of this. Throughout the film they begin to reevaluate their life and time, realising it’s not so great after all. Will time return to normal? You’ll have to watch to find out.

I Still Believe

Starring Riverdale heartthrob KJ Apa as Jeremy Camp, a Christian singer-songwriter who falls in love with Melissa (Britt Robertson) who soon falls ill with ovarian cancer. 

Based on an inspiring true-life story, the film follows the musical pair through stardom, love, loss and hope. Primarily cheesy throughout, definitely one to watch if you’re in need of a good ol’ cry.

Escape from Pretoria

Ready to shake off his reputation as Harry Potter (as if that’s ever really going to happen), Daniel Radcliffe joins Daniel Webber as they star in Escape from Pretoria, a true-life story based on Tim Jenkin’s memoir, Inside Out: Escape from Pretoria Prison. 

The narrative follows the two white South Africans as they try to escape the brutally strict Pretoria Prison after being imprisoned for being activists for the African National Congress.

Release Date: 26th February
Stream on Amazon Prime

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