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The Handbook

The Titanic Pen

By | 26th May 2008

It’s impressive, sleek, sophisticated, and exclusive and made from….parts of sunken ship?

Not quite what you thought when we said Titanic Pen but now it seems to make sense.

In 2007 Swiss luxury watchmaker Romain Jerome brought us wristwatches made out of parts acquired from the Titanic, genuine wreck-salvaged rusty metal from the sunken ship. (I know what you’re thinking.)

Now they are doing it again but this time with a fountain pen. (Just what you have always wanted, right?)

Each Romain Jerome Titanic-DNA fountain pen is decorated with a ring of oxidized steel at the barrel with the metal being a blend of materials reclaimed from the actual sunken ship and steel obtained from Harland & Wolff shipyards where the Titanic was built making it a rare collector’s item. The pens are exquisitely hand crafted from the finest materials including Palladium, stainless steel and gold and there is a nautical design with propellers, funnels and rivets. But that’s not all, inside the ink is pushed into the nib by a ship’s wheel-shaped gear that can be seen through and sapphire-glass porthole.

This is definitely not one everyone’s must-have wish list, but if it is your kind of thing, then you better hurry for there are only 88 in existence.