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By | 18th June 2008

Hairywood In London

Hairywood? Don’t you mean Hollywood?

There is something strange in Covent Garden.

It looks a little like a huge brown box with a room with a window on top. Very strange indeed.

But this is in fact an art installation focused on different views, especially of Covent Garden.

 Take a different look at Covent Garden Piazza and the surrounding area by stepping up a level.

From the 20th of June the Hairywood, a 6-metre urban tower designed by Eley Kishimoto, will take up residency in Covent Garden Piazza.

The tower plays with the idea to changing space and redefining it in new ways. This tower allows visitors to climb up and have a new perspective over the Piazza.

Definitely something different.

This instillation is part of Skin + Bones at Somerset House, an exhibition that parallels the relationship between fashion and architecture.

So check it out for yourself and take a different look at Covent Garden and London.

Hairywood at Covent Garden London, June 20th – July 20th