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New Jeans for Fall

 This September why not try something new.

How about a new part of jeans.

A girl can never have enough jeans and it is sometimes hard to find the perfect pair.

But this September Harrods is launching the first collection of GirlsMustHave jeans by former model Alexandra Classen.

Classen decided that as a jeans addict herself she wanted to design her own collection that filled all her demands when looking for the perfect pair.        

This new collection distinguished it’s self by the workmanship, elaborate manufacturing process and the various different washes. All made in Italy this debut collection is sexy but comfortable and elegant.  

Why not try the popular ‘Daria’ a skinny20 jean, rounded at end and opening at back is the jean of the moment.

Or the “Karolina”, a sleek boot cut, trouser style gives a woman a simplified silhouette.


Available at Harrods this September, 2008.