The Supper Club

2nd June 2008

Can you answer Yes to the following?

a. Don’t have enough time to organise your own social life?

b. Think you are “interesting, charismatic, charming and attractive”?

c. Want to meet people who are “interesting, charismatic, charming and attractive”?

d. Have a spare £750 to £2500 lying around?

If you know two people who are already members of The Supper Club and who will refer you, if you are willing to sit through an informal interview and coffee with Tamsin Lonsdale and her Supper Club team and if you are prepared to attend a Supper Club cocktail party to meet members where you will be vetted and reviewed then this could be the thing for you. But beware; apparently only 20% of people who apply make the cut and there are only 300 members allowed.

It’s about bringing together people with qualities such as “charisma”, Tamsin points out, “talents and charm; energetic interesting people that can bring something special to The Supper Club table.” Tamsin goes on to say, “We select people who are at the forefront of their professional fields spanning a wide range of different industries: they are the movers and shakers, tastemakers and influencers of London society”. These are, in no particular order, ‘Man About Town’ Edward Taylor, reality T.V. star and ex-socialite Tamara Beckwith and Nightclub co-owner Charlie Gilkes.

The rigorous four step screening process, once completed, or should that be ‘if’ completed, gains you access to an “exclusive club”, to an “elite” group of people who you may have the privilege of sitting next to for dinner.

It’s totally about connecting people, isn’t it?

Anyway, remember to submit your photo with your application and you’d better make it a really good one………they only take attractive people.

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