The Handbook
The Handbook

So excited.

Online shopping for Alexander McQueen for the first time.

But hang on a second.

The website is not working.

Good start.

Apparently the site went in to overload with so many over excited McQueen fans desperately trying to access the site.

But don’t worry. Is it working now.

For the first time ever one can, where ever they maybe around the globe, access the wonderful world of Alexander McQueen and shop till they drop online. How exciting.

So now McQueen’s Autumn/Winter 2008 Collection is available for purchase with just a click of a button.

The site is the perfect time waster as well.

(because we needed another one with Facebook and Net-a-porter there for us to waste the day on)

For there are stunning catwalk shows that one can view from the Fall show and plenty of photographs and fashion shoot spreads to gaze over.

Best part: free shipping to the U.S.

Could life be any better right now.