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The Handbook

There is nothing better then a crisp, well cut, stylish men’s shirt.

It has a way of changing a man. (In some cases it makes a man.)

And this is exactly what Upper 10 is all about.

Upper 10 is a company that makes hand-made, bespoke shirts of the highest quality.

The fabrics are the highest quality cotton from Italy, France and Egypt and the prices of the shirts vary from just £60 to £135 depending on the fabric selected. They have over 1200 for you to look at in their selection.

But some men hate shopping. They hate trailing through the shops and this is why Upper 10 is so popular.

The best part about this company is that you can’t buy these in a boutique or department store. You don’t have to go to some shop in deepest North London. No, Upper 10 comes to you.

A tailor will come to your home or office and you can sit down and select from a large range of fabrics exactly what you want. The appointment is designed to be as convenient as possible for you the customer. There is also no obligation and no minimum order.

The design of the shirt is totally up to the individual, we have many different collar styles and cuff styles, and each of our shirts comes with optional monogramming (at no extra cost). The measuring process takes no longer than 10 minutes and the shirts are delivered within 3-4 weeks.

Check out their website –

Appointments normal last between 30 to 40 minutes.

Upper 10 Ltd, 16 High Petergate, YorkYO1 7EH  01904 633049

Peter Obank: 07796947687 (London Associate)