Vendome Mayfair

24th September 2008

Just off Green Park, close to Mahiki, should be the perfect spot for a nightclub.  However, this particular corner appears to be cursed.  It seems countless nightclubs have opened up home here only to be packing their bags soon after.  So will Vendome stand the test of time?  This will be their second venture, with another venue already in Walton Street but Vendome, although managing to create a successful line, seems to have failed with this one. 

Off to an inauspicious start, everyone was left waiting while last minute technical difficulties were settled.  Ushered quickly to a nearby bar for complimentary champagne, the evening descended into more chaos with confusions and elementary mistakes. Finally, when we did arrive in the nightclub, following the snake-skinned banister into the depths of a Brighton-esque dungeon, the room was filled with flashing floor lights and TV screens showing scantily dressed women….I’m not sure what audience Vendome are trying to pull towards this club but the sickeningly sweet cocktails are not the only thing that need serious attention. 

However, word is that Dom Pérignon has teamed up with Vendome to create a booth here and this should inject some much needed class and glamour.  While its sister club in Knightsbridge won the best new bar award this year, with competition for new member’s club being high, this new Vendome may need to up its stakes to make its mark.

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