Gianni Versace

12th November 2008

In an act of dedication to her late brother Gianni, Donatella Versace is launching an ultra exclusive new fragrance from their Couture division.  This will be the first perfume from the Couture line and the limited edition scent will be available only by order through Versace boutiques or Harrods.

With citrus, mandarin and red berries blend, the fragrance is very feminine and has been especially shaped by perfumer Sophie Labbe.  Concentrating on extreme detail in this product Versace has designed the scent to come in a white leather bottle and a lid which has diamond-like facets creating a spectacular interplay of light and reflection.   Placed inside a hand-stitched, soft white leather train case, giving it a unique and glamorous touch, Versace states: “Seeing it was such a special one-of-a-kind fragrance, we wanted to offer a one-of-a-kind packaging that can be used again for one’s jewellery or as a hope case.”

However, the exclusiveness comes at a price.  At £1,200 for 100 ml, the scent is certainly aimed at the luxury end of the fragrance market.  Yet, with only 100 bottles being produced, the detailed workmanship and allure – which is a nod to the past centuries of glamour and grace – might simply be too hard to resist.

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