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By | 26th November 2008

Trying to find a different night out in London can be pretty challenging.  Every restaurant seems to blend into another and the rise in the popular Pan Asian cuisine such as, the impeccable head-girl of restaurants E and O, proves difficult for the humbler sorts to hold their own against However, hidden incredibly well in the stable yard of Camden is something that you definitely won’t be expecting on a Monday night. 

Gilgamesh is a mix between a Buddha bar chain and a leisure centre.  Upon arrival you go straight upstairs by escalators and enter a movie set of the Mummy where the heat makes you feel you’ve stepped into a resort in Hawaii.  You can’t quite place it which makes it both intriguing and bewildering.  Yet there’s something even more unusual about Gilgamesh on a Monday.  The Globe girls.  These are a group of singing transvestites, who perform around six acts throughout the night.  Unsettling at first, weaving in and around your tables, these six foot four towering females have both an unnerving and amusing presence.  With constant costume changes and eclectic songs from the Pussy Cat Dolls to Abba, their range is impressive, if you forgive the obvious dubbing. 

Yet, what’s clear about Gilgamesh, and perhaps one of its charms, is that it is clearly not setting itself out to be a restaurant. The menu though offers a wide range of set courses – meaning the evening can be very good value – and the food is standard but nothing spectacular.  It is the entertainment that Gilgamesh is really swerving towards and once you’re aware of this then the night can certainly prove to be a highly comical one.  On the evening we went, by the third time the lithe young females had struggled to the stage for another act, the restaurant erupted into applause and joined in with the renditions of Grease and other favourites.

It’s certainly not somewhere to go to talk, and it’s not for the Pan Asian lover, but it definitely is for the Vegas loving, kitsch adoring customer and you certainly feel a bit of a scrooge if you don’t participate by the end.

So for a disrupting, chaotic, unashamedly tacky night to put you in a more upbeat mood, then a trip to Gilgamesh may be exactly what you’re looking for.  


The Stables Market

Chalk Farm Road



0207 428 4922