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By | 22nd December 2008

We are all well aware, as savvy citizens of the earth, that the 21st century obsession with throwaway fashion is a toxic and damaging habit. Those lunchtime trips to Primark for frivolous treats are racking up and the time has come to actually bite the organic-eco-fair-trade bullet. And no it does not mean wearing hemp.

Enter Goodone, a fast-expanding company based in East London which has captured the attentions of the media through its creative and charitable concept. The two fashion graduates behind the firm source local materials and fabrics, from recycling collections and local business cast-offs, and rework them into structured and innovative garments. Particularly creative is their “Snoody Muff”, an all-in-one winter warmer encompassing hood, gloves and muff. See also the “Heart Bum Skirt”, guaranteed to enhance one’s natural assets, and the retaliatory response to the Anya Hindmarch canvas bag.

Since November 2007 Goodone has worked with the HEBA Women’s Project, a charitable association providing work and community support to disadvantaged women in London’s East End, building even more on their “local and sustainable” mission statement. Goodone are also keen to spread word of their concept through lectures and talks at associated colleges and schools. Check out a collection of their pieces online, or find stock in selected boutiques in the capital.