The Handbook
The Handbook
By | 10th December 2008

The world of Hypnosis can seem terrifying before you’ve even begun.  Maybe it’s the thought of being in a trance and not being in control. Yet, in reality hypnotherapy is far removed from this preconceived idea, especially with Helen Craven.  Trained in clinical hypnotherapy, Craven has a reassuring approach and deals as much in your past and present life consciously, as she does in the relaxation or hypnosis period after.  Following a lengthy talk, with Craven looking at diet and your everyday life, the relaxation process begins. 

What’s so novel about Craven is that she shows hypnosis is something scientific and understandable as opposed to its slightly daunting reputation.  Yet Craven’s sharp mind draws out accurate representations of your subconscious and conscious and illustrates why you revert to a habit as a default or distraction instead of reducing the memory.  Although the memory can never be removed it can certainly be diminished, with a retraining of the mind to focus on achievements instead of failures,

As one of a handful of certified Five Path Practitioners in the UK, Helen Craven takes great pains to illustrate “you are always in control and the wonderful thing about the subconscious mind is that it will always look after you.” 

The session itself lasts an hour and a twenty minutes and it is definitely advisable to take a course, rather than trying one session.  Yet, even after the first session the process will put you into a heavy relaxation, allowing you to listen to Craven’s calming voice, which helps you reshape your negative thoughts. 

Although, this was merely a relaxation session, putting my body into a state of calm, Craven is adept at dealing with every situation and her fantastic CDs, which the client is advised to listen to, are not only for relaxation, but for boosting self esteem and confidence as well as also dealing with the many other common hindrances in our daily lives.

With not just hypnotherapy but also past life regression and hypno-birthing available, Craven aims to cover all aspects of your life which might need extra nurturing.

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