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By | 29th December 2008

One of London’s hottest clubs will be bowing out on the brink of 2009 – following in the footsteps of Boombox, which held its huge farewell party last NYE, Paper is set to close for good after ringing in the new year.

Paper is now a grand three years old, the creation of the team behind Grill Room who brought fashionable life back to the cellars of the Cafe Royale. Comprised of a restaurant, an upstairs bar, Glass, which features fine cocktails and bar food, and the main downstairs club, the 400 capacity venue has been host to a large number of events and parties in its time, from Anna Wintour’s American Vogue party in London Fashion Week to Keira Knightley’s 21st birthday. With its numerous hidden rooms and gathering spaces, including the Cigar Room with its secret entrance on Regent Street, Paper has proved a perfect spot for incognito celebrities to let loose for an evening.

It’s not the only glossy VIP venue to be losing its place on the London club scene – Chinawhite has recently departed, and Dolce is soon to follow. Clearly the steep alcohol mark-ups and entry charges are suffering in the financial no-man’s land – but does it also speak volumes about new tastes in entertainment? Only time will tell if such clubs will be replaced by their younger, flashier models, or if they are to be rehauled completely. In the mean time, get yourself down to Piccadilly and party like it’s 2005. For guestlist go to