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An Ocean Without Fish?

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By | 1st June 2009

An ocean with out fish? Now, there’s a thought but it will be a fact if we are not careful. Actually, even if we are careful there still may not be any fish in our oceans. This is our future if we do not act now.

Last night (1st June) some of London’s eco-minded, famous faces such as Stephen Fry, Geri Halliwell, Ben Goldsmith and Kate Rothschild gathered for the  private screening of End of the Line at the Science Museum iMax Theatre. 

Its a film that will certainly have you thinking twice about what fish you eat, possibly even making you stop eating some kinds all together. But the point of this extremely eye opening documentary, the worlds first major documentary that really shows and explains the devastating effect that overfishing is having on our plant, is not to force you to stop eating fish completely but to take the time to think and ask where the fish on your plate has come from.

Where the fish you eat comes from is extremely important. It makes a huge difference. Take for example one of the nations favourite fish Sea Bass which is fine to eat if Line caught but not Pelagic trawled. Salmon is fine if Organically farmed but not if it is Atlantic or wild. And these are questions you should ask especially at the supermarket. 

The film is supported and sponsored by Waitrose who for many years has made a huge effort to make sure that all the fish they sell is sustainable. Marks & Spencers is another supermarket who is very aware of over fishing and sells sustainable fish.

Filmed across the world from the heavy protected waters of Alaska to the over fished shores of Senegal the film shows you the huge impact that our passion and desire for such fish as Bluefin Tuna and Swordfish is having. Marine life is changing dramatically and many fish are very close to extinction.   

The objective is not for you to stop eating at restaurants like Nobu where Bluefin Tuna is a favourite but to consider the consequences of eating such a fish. It’s simple, if we continue to eat it, it will continue to be fished and it will result in it’s extinction. 

It makes you suddenly realise how sad it is that restaurants like Tom’s Place that was so driven on serving sustainable fish had to close due to unamicable neighbours. 

 This is our future. Stop, think and act. Now.

Three fish to avoid – Bluefin Tuna, Atlantic Salmon & Wild Atlantic Cod.

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