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Nobu London is in deep water this week with famous faces like Elle Macpherson, Charlize Theron, Sting and Trudie Styler, Stephen Fry and Alicia Silverstone who are few of the people who signed a petition vowing not to patronize the famous restaurant until it once and for all removed the near-extinct Bluefin tuna from it’s menus.

A few weeks after Greenpeace drew huge public attention to the fact that the popular sushi restaurant chain, which is co-owned by Robert DeNiro, was serving endangered Bluefin Tuna, along with a few other fishes that are quickly making their way on to this list, Nobu attempted to put out this very heated topic. Instead of removing the tuna from the menu they simple decided that a small moronic warning would be added to every menu informing their customers that this fish was endangered. As you can imagine this was not quite what Greenpeace and other supporters of the ban were after.

Is this moronic little note going to encourage customers to protect the species by not eating it or increase many peoples desire for this fish which by Japanese chefs is considered the tastiest of all tuna.

What would be a smart move on Nobu’s front would be to drop Bluefin and take a stand, which will probably encouraged other restaurants world wide to follow in it’s lead.

Have a conscience Nobu and all other Japanese Restaurants.

This is a hot topic, but it’s a very easy problem to fix. Stop serving Bluefin Tuna.